Slave Catcher Alert: Don Lemon Endorses NYPD’s Stop-And-Frisk

When it comes to stop-and-frisk, Don Lemon wants us to consider, that sacrificing the constitutional rights of minorities in the interest of safety is a good idea. I guess he’s been hanging out with Geraldo Riviera who recently said on Fox & Friends that stop-and-frisks protects minorities.

If Don Lemon had to wear and cape and save the black community, we’d be all dead. Just like many people with good intentions and Bibles, CNN’s negro warrior and his commentary is the worst reincarnation of Moses leading the people to the promised land.

Several months ago, in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, Lemon stirred up a hornets nest of shade with some pretty fucked up, albeit right-wing-leaning projection of comments made by Bill O’Reilly. And Don Lemon was drug through the mud by just about everyone for it.

Apparently, Don Lemon didn’t learn anything from the backlash (and, I seriously doubt whether he ever will). Because this week, once again, he’s back at it again with what he sees as him schooling the black community with an endorsement of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.

Offering his commentary on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Don Lemon said that tampering with the “formula that has reduced crime in New York City,” could have dangerous consequences. It’s not a new argument, really. However, hearing it advanced by a person of color makes me sick.

“If you question many people in New York City, even some black and Hispanic people they will tell you that on the surface they don’t really have an issue with stop-question-and-frisk. Not the idea of it, at least. Not if the controversial policy was conducted like the occasional, random airport screening,” Don Lemon claimed. Now I know many people in New York City. The question is, who the fuck has he been talking to? I dunno, but the people I know do not think that way. Hell, if the cops were nice and offered donuts after groping our balls every 5 blocks, it’s still an inconvenience.

Listen to it below:

Can somebody tell Don Lemon to keep his inner conservatism in the closet?
Can somebody tell Don Lemon to keep his inner conservatism in the closet?

Look, at this point I’ve argued against stop-and-frisk on this site enough. So much so that I won’t waste time right here, right now, by creating a good counter to Don Lemon’s foolishness. I could go on and on and spit empirical facts to support my arguments, but fuck that. Instead, I’ll just say that Don Lemon is trolling and he isn’t worth too many keystrokes other than to say that his “inner conservative” is missing his once closeted sexual orientation. So much so that it too slowly wants to come out and unfortunately pollute the intelligence of black and brown folks.

Besides, if stop-and-frisk as it has been practiced in NYC has net very few arrests, and or the removal of guns and drugs. Why then would anyone assume that its discontinuation would result in a spike in crime? I mean, I’m no criminal, but I seriously doubt whether people who ordinarily engage in criminal activity saw the NYPD’s policy as a deterrent. Like, “Yo, son, I was ’bout to rob the corner store… but I had to leave my gun at home because of stop-and-frisk.” Yeah, I don’t see the correlation-causation thingy. At any rate, anyone black who endorses the violation of the constitutional rights of minorities — you know, the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment? — is, indeed a slave-catcher in my book. Right now, Don Lemon is doing such a good job at being just that.