Do What You’re Supposed to Do, so Won’t Have to Do What “You GOTTA Do!”

Through out my short 33 years on this earth, I’ve heard the ”I gotta do what I gotta do” excuse from men countless times. Normally the person saying this  has found themselves in a desperate situation,  with their back against the wall and usually ends up doing something they normally wouldn’t do to get out of the situation they are in.  While I’m not knocking the next man’s hustle or coping skills, I’ve come to realize that these “back against the wall situations” we find ourselves in could have been prevented 9 times out of 10.

For some reason, us menfolk like to make things harder on ourselves than they have to be, and  for some, cutting corners seems to be the norm, along with taking the easy way out.  Because of the “do what I gotta do” excuse men have, removed all accountability out of the equation in order to not be held to the standards of mandom and to justify things like  dropping out of school, selling dope or being an absentee father.

do-the-right-thing-the-wireThe thought about “I gotta do what I gotta do” isn’t limited to the youngins wearing skinny jeans, dreads and listening to Lil’ Wayne – even though you would think so due to the influence that Rap and YouTube has on this generation and the I gotta get mine attitude that is displayed.  Now some of our elders have used this excuse probably as long as they’ve been alive, and you see them – grown men old enough to be our uncles and fathers – standing outside of liquor stores at 8:00 in the morning waiting for it to open, or the old man playing scratch offs still waiting for his ship to come in, all because at some point in their lives they didn’t take care of business like they should have and decided to go the easy route.  This cancerous idea is learned and is no doubt passed down from generation to generation.

do-the-right-thing-mookieThis attitude arises when we as men fail to reach our full potential and realize some of the fundamentals of manhood, so we start to justify our short comings.  Mainly they failed to realize one of the fundamentals of manhood; a man’s gotta do what a man is supposed to do.  You see, if a man takes care of business and does the things that he is supposed to do, then he won’t be forced to possibly compromise himself and his beliefs by doing what he’s gotta do.  I repeat  if a man takes care of business  and does the things that he is supposed to do he then won’t be forced to possibly compromise himself and his beliefs by doing what he’s gotta do.

Doing what is supposed to be done may take a little longer or involve more steps but the reward is worth it. The certificate or degree that you will earn from staying in school instead of dropping out to chase the fast buck will be yours and no one can take that from you.  The sense of pride that you will have from being involved in your child’s life as oppose to skipping out.  So man up, take care of business like you’re suppose to, and reap all the benefits that you will gain as you travel down the road to becoming a better man.

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