Darren Wilson, Ferguson, & Indictments

darren-wilson-bracelet-ferguson-policeIt is after 9:00 and NOW they wanted to drop a decision that they figured out damn near a half a day ago. November 24, 2014 is going to go down as that day that we, as Americans, witnessed another miscarriage of justice. We witnessed the rigmarole of the explanation of whatever the grand jury decided. Between Eric Holderand the prosecutor presenting the decision, the evidence was given. The grand jury found no probable cause to indict Darren Wilson.

And no, I’m not surprised. I’m actually glad that my TV switched back to Dancing With The Stars. You know, a show that I have never watched in its entirety before tonight. You know, a show that I will never watch again due to my busy schedule and lack of desire. Then again, I had even less desire to listen to this grand jury no-indictment either. It seemed that the stars were aligned for there to be no indictment in the first place.

Darren Wilson Wasn’t Going to Be Indicted In The First Place

I need for all of us to remember this fact: Darren Wilson was not going to be indicted in the first place. You had a better chance of witnessing Tyrone Biggums kick his crack habit then actually watch Michael Brown receive any sort of justice. Most of the witnesses were practically discredited. Then again, they didn’t give a damn about Michael Brown when his body laid there for hours. So, this “decision” was made as soon as we realized that Michael Brown was less than human. This “decision” was made when Darren Wilson earned six figures from a funding campaign for his “hard work”.

Meanwhile, Sadie and Mark dance to their Super Mario Bros. freestyle dance routine as my timeline explodes with disgust. The utter irony. The utter fucking irony of it all.

Darren Wilson, Rudy Guliani, and the Racism of America

I hope we do know that even a ham sandwich can be indicted, right? Right. So, let me continue.

I knew things weren’t going to be such a great situation when Rudolf Giuliani showed his prejudiced ass colors on TV. In such an “interesting” debate, Michael Eric Dyson slightly read Giuliani is asinine ass rights about his prejudices. Although Dyson should have mentioned the facts against Giuliani’s bullshit “93 percent of blacks killing black” crap, he decided to “take it easy on him”. Personally, I would have told him that “87 (or so) percent of whites kill whites and most of those whites prefer their cucumbers pickled, you presumptuous fuck”. Then again, I am not Michael Eric Dyson for that reason: I lack the proper filter for such debates.

And Dancing With The Stars plays on in the background.

Darren Wilson and The Lack of Justice


Paying attention to David Banner’s tweet, we get to understand that America did send a brutal message to Black America. That message read like this: we don’t give a fuck about you. And honestly, this message would hurt. In fact, this message SHOULD hurt. But the problem is that this narrative has become so commonplace that we can’t be totally shocked anymore. Policemen vs. Black people usually ends with Black people losing. Call it socially conditioning. Call it me being a pessimist. Call it what you want as long as you don’t call me collect cause I’m not accepting charges if you start talking stupid.

And people wonder if this is what democracy looks like? My answer is “of course”. Democracy isn’t made for a race considered chattel that could be hung for whistling at white women. Democracy isn’t for those that is blamed for society’s ills while society has given us the syndrome to live with. Democracy is not for a people that will place the blame on ourselves for the condition being wrought upon us. Democracy wasn’t made for us.

Darren Wilson and the Endgame

As expected, there is no justice for Michael Brown. This cannot become the surprise of the century. This should be the expected outcome. At some point, Black people need to figure out how we are going to police the police and hold them accountable at all times. As such, the justice system is working perfectly because it wasn’t meant for us in the first place. Thus, we have to move accordingly and construct a system that works for OUR benefit.

And just like that, Dancing With The Stars is off my TV. No more dancing and smiling in the midst of societal madness.