Bloomberg Wants to Fingerprint All Housing Project Residents

Don’t ever let it be said that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t love the minorities in his city. I mean, if as Mayor your rationale or justification for the violation of the rights of minorities happens to be because you’re trying to keep them safe as Bloomberg has, then yes, I would say that there’s a lot of love there. If only that pesky Federal Judge Shira Schendlin who ruled against the good mayor’s endorsement of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy would understand that sometimes the end justifies the means. When it comes to conservation of New York’s minorities — who quite obviously aren’t worthy of being recognized as citizens to whom all constitutional rights are extended — you have to do what you have to do.

To that point, have you heard Bloomberg’s latest proposal? Mayor Bloomberg’s latest crime-fighting idea had a lot of people riled up last Friday. Speaking in his weekly radio address, Bloomberg — who happens to be on his way out as mayor — has proposed a program that requires the fingerprinting of about 600,00 residents of New York City’s Housing Authority. And of course, this would be done so as to keep them safe.

This from CBSNY:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The mayor wants to fingerprint more than 600,000 people who live in public housing. He said it would be done to make the projects safer.

Bloomberg was responding to questions about Federal Judge Shira Schendlin’s ruling on the stop-and-frisk program when the topic shifted to security and the New York City Housing Authority. Bloomberg said there has to be a way to make the projects safer.

“Five percent of our population lives in NYCHA housing, 20 percent of the crime is in NYCHA housing – numbers like that. And we’ve just got to find some way to keep bringing crime down there. And we have a whole group of police officers assigned to NYCHA housing,” Bloomberg said. “The people that live there, most of them, want more police protection. They want more people. If you have strangers walking in the halls of your apartment building, don’t you want somebody to stop and say, ‘Who are you, why are you here?’”

But residents who live within the confines of NYCHA buildings said the mayor’s fingerprinting idea goes too far.

Watch the video below:

Of course this idea sounds ludicrous to some of my melanin-challenged friends. But that’s only because they don’t realize that such a costly undertaking would be done with their lives in mind. After all, it’s bad enough that “more people will die,” as a result of and end to the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on Meet The Press. That said, what’s the big deal with fingerprinting residents in housing projects when doing so will clearly prevent yet another terrorist attack the likes of September 11th, 2001? Civil liberties be damned, but isn’t the safety of New York City’s minorities important enough? Aren’t their lives just as valuable as the much-more-lawful white New Yorkers?

WASHINGTON — New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly vigorously defended the city’s stop-and-frisk policies on Sunday, predicting trouble if they are stopped.

“No question about it, violent crime will go up,” Kelly responded when asked by NBC “Meet the Press” host David Gregory whether “people will die” if stop and frisk is abandoned.

“This is something that’s integral to policing. This happens throughout America in any police jurisdiction. You have to do it,” he added. “Officers have to have the right of inquiry if they see some suspicious behavior. So I can assure you, this is not just a New York City issue, it’s an issue throughout America. And this case has to be appealed, in my judgment, because it will be taken as a template and have significant impact in policing throughout America.” source)

Okay, so treating residents of New York City’s housing projects like criminals by fingerprinting each and every one of them so as to keep the undesirables out may not be popular. And yes, the very idea harkens back to Nazi Germany. But like Bloomberg noted, it’s all about the safety of residents with the prevention of crime in mind. Something tells me that you don’t agree with him, and I’d love for you to tell me why.