Black (Sister) History Month: Lifetime’s “Betty and Coretta”

It’s time to gear up for Black History Month — and so, in addition to preparing for one of the few times that BET delivers news and Black folks blast each other for being “conscious” (another time being Kwanzaa and during tragedies), we must prepare for the retail marketing of Black heroes in America (that can be done by using the services from site). You know, because they are only relevant during February. This year, Black History Month comes just after the Second Inauguration of our President of color, Barack Obama, and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s holiday.

I don’t watch much tv, and when I do I watch even less Lifetime; yet, on Sunday, the stars aligned and while watching Lifetime, I saw a commercial for a movie that will air on 2/2 called “Betty and Coretta”, starring Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blidge.

Betty-and-Coretta-24When I saw this, I was simply thrilled. So often, we are shown images of Black men in the movement and while they are important and valid, I think that Sister Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King had very important stories that people never consider outside of their husbands. Apparently, the story is about their lives after the assassinations of their husbands and their involvements in civil rights and advocacy.

Interesting to me is that Angela Bassett is not playing Sister Betty, even after having played her in two previous films. Mary J. Blidge will be playing the role of Dr. Betty Shabazz and Angela, Coretta Scott King. Malik Yoba is playing the role of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and a Canadian actor called Lindsay Owen Pierre is starring as Malcolm X. I simply cannot wait for it to air — and this is not very typical of Lifetime. What do you think they’ll do with it?