Post-Racial Update: Black Nurse “Banned” from Caring for White Baby Because of Skin Color

It appears that once again, not everyone here in the America has received the memo. Of course as a reader you may not be aware, but, the United States is post-racial. That’s right, folks; it all started once we elected our first African-American president, Barack H. Obama. Yep, you can’t go around slapping the occasional “nigger baby,” in an attempt to shut them up, on commercial airplane flights anymore.

But as you know, old habits are hard to change; and, for some, today’s era of post-racialness is not appreciated. Case in point, check out what a black nurse, Tonya Battle, had the unfortunate privilege of encountering in Flint, Michigan recently. A veteran nurse with 25-years experience at Flint’s Hurley Medical Center, Battle last week filed a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination. Yep, a racial discrimination lawsuit in 2013, can you believe this foolishness?

FLINT, MI (WNEM) – A nurse is suing Hurley Medical Center over allegations of discrimination.

A lawsuit filed against Hurley claims she found a note in a patient’s file stating, “No African American nurse to take care of baby.”

According to court documents, the nurse was caring for a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when the baby’s father asked to speak with a supervisor. The lawsuit states he told the nurse in charge that he didn’t want any African Americans taking care of his baby, then he pulled up a sleeve showing a tattoo believed to be a Swastika.

The lawsuit states the baby was re-assigned to another nurse.

Court documents read “[She] was shocked, offended and in disbelief that she was so egregiously discriminated against based on her race and re-assigned.”

An attorney for the nurse said when the nurse returned to work the next day she found the note posted on the assignment clipboard.

The nurse has worked at the hospital since 1988.

The Hurley Medical Center should just go right ahead and name a new wing after Tonya Battle. They might as well because once this is all over, thanks to their willingness to acquiesce the request of Mr. Adolf VonBigot, she’ll literally own a piece of them like another former employee now does. And you know what? I ain’t mad at the sista either. Why? Because hitting them in the pockets is how you hold these institutions accountable. Thankfully, because we’re post-racial, we won’t see much of this anymore.

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