Black Love and Pride Scares the Hell Outta White People

White people,

If you’re reading this, then I can imagine that the title pissed you off, because it’s true. And experience shows that many of you hate the truth when it’s about you. So, I am aware that certain members of your people will express their anger, guilt and cry white tears by calling me racist names, cite examples of black crime, one way or another claim how your naturally “superior” to me, exclaim how not all of you, including yourself, are racist and that I’m the real racist in this case, tell me to go back to Africa, live in a post-racial society or anything else black folks have seen before when the issue of racism comes up.

But before you go off into your predictable rage against me, hang tight, relax, take a deep breath and read. Try not to cherry-pick, skim through it or misinterpret what’s bring said.

With that being said, white right-wingers, white left-wingers (Yes, you too.), white cops and average white people, I have to ask. What’s the matter with you? More specifically, why does black people celebrating, respecting and loving themselves for being black and recognizing their worth as full-blooded human beings piss you off so much?

I know you don’t think you have a problem with, in-short, black pride, at least some of you would say that in a heartbeat if confronted, but will quietly hold some animosity. But history and modern times involving some of you suggest otherwise. You have a problem with Black History Month in that there’s no “White History Month“. You dislike that there’s a Black Entertainment Television station and no “White Entertainment Television“. Lately, you got upset with Beyonce’s performance at the last Super Bowl with her song “Formation” and Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Grammys with his songs. And you definitely seem to have some ill will towards the Black Lives Matter movement.

The history of white people is taught in schools and colleges across the country and is presented as story ideas for TV shows, specials and even movies. Even if a story logically calls for people of color to be the real stars, your people are still center stage. Why? Because there are white folks behind the scenes making the decisions. Hell, almost all of today’s media is owned by white men. As far as the media is concerned, white lives matter.

As far as American society goes, only white lives matter and they have been for a few centuries.

Let’s not pretend that this is anything new. Your people have held hatred for my people ever since before and after we were shipped over here against our will. (Yes, I’m bringing up slavery, but only for a brief moment to make a point.) And when some of my enslaved ancestors decided to no longer put up with your ancestors’ crap and got caught, they were punished. Heavily.

Sure, my ancestors were eventually freed, but that didn’t stop your ancestors from violently enforcing white supremacy. My people were lynched. Our neighborhoods were destroyed. Our attempts for prosperity was countered by destruction. And our fight for civil rights was met with scorn and chaos. All was done by white people. Your people.

Today, black people still face inequalities and racism at almost every turn. We are paid less than white people for the same job. We face racism in the hiring process. We are underrepresented and racially stereotyped in the media. And the education system is heavily drenched with racism against black folks.

I could go on, but I’m not here to hold your hand and educate you, especially when many of you don’t care to learn anyway. I believe you are capable of finding out this and more info on your own, but don’t care to do so as it will mess up your comfort zone.

And yet, here you are crying about how there’s racism against whites. Are you really that delusional?

You see, everytime black people have tried to fight oppression and instill black love and pride, there will be white people who will find something horribly wrong with it and some will try to eliminate it by any means. You may even call it racist or terroristic when we fight white racism, protect ourselves and fight back, if necessary. And you try to convince others and yourself how not racist you and society are.

The simple concept of cause and effect seems lost on you. For instance, if it wasn’t for police killing black folks in high numbers, there wouldn’t have been a need for Black Lives Matter in the first place. The Black Panther Party wouldn’t have been founded if it wasn’t for racist violence against blacks at the hands of police. Black History Month was needed to teach black history in a society that devalues and ignores it in favor of (modified) white history. Black media outlets are created by blacks due to the overrepresentation of whites and the limited and stereotypical images of blacks. In the end, white racism is the cause. Black pride is the effect. 

beyonce_650xBlack pride is not anti-white. But it is anti-white racism. (Some of you can’t or won’t seem to differentiate between the two.) Simply speaking, we want you to stop being racist against us. We want you to stop killing us. We want you to stop making everything about you. We want you to stop trolling websites that weren’t designed for you. We want you to cut the noise about how you’re “better” than us. We want you to stop telling us where our priorities should lie as if you give a damn about us when you really don’t. And we want you to stop trying to deceive us, as if we’re stupid enough to believe you, about how we’re “post-racial” when evidence suggests otherwise.

Basically, all we want you to respect us as you do yourselves. More importantly, we want to love ourselves for being black. And we simply want you to take some responsibility for your problem. Exactly how is any of that bad for you or racist against you?

Is it because you truly think we’re inferior to you? Is it because you want us to know our place and shut up as you continue to run us down. Maybe it’s because you’re not as non-racist as you think. I guess you prefer to live in your comfort zone and to hell with what reality, logic and morals say. Perhaps like some of my people are suffering from a slave mind, your people still think like slave masters and the only way you can have white pride is if you degrade and make black people feel bad for being black.

We are sending out messages as peacefully as we possibly can, and if you try to silence them, we will defend ourselves, because we value our lives more than you. We shouldn’t have to apologize to a people who would hate us no matter what for loving who we are.

And we won’t.