Black Student Kicked Out of School for Wearing Jesus Halloween Costume

So a black kid in a Chicago suburb dressed up like “Jesus” for Halloween, and was kicked out of school as a result. I could think of getting kicked out of class for any number of infractions. But, to be removed from class for dressing up like Jesus — especially for Halloween — would have never made the list. As we’ve shown recently, when it comes to Halloween, racism cannot be escaped. With all the talk of white folks in blackface for Halloween being racially offensive. Who would have thought that a black kid dressed like Jesus Christ for Halloween would be considered offensive?

This from Fox 32:

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (FOX 32 News) – A north suburban high school student was pulled from classes on Halloween after dressing like Jesus.

According to Angenetta Frison, mother of Highland Park High senior Marshon Sanders, some teachers found his costume offensive. Her son was readmitted to school after changing out of the costume, she said.

Sanders’ costume included a long, white robe, red sash, head scarf and a cross necklace.

Marshon Sanders
Marshon Sanders

“I wanted to be Jesus because I just got baptized and so I felt like, why not?” Marshon says of his costume choice. “He’s the most influential person in my life.”

He says 15 minutes into his first class he was called to the dean’s office.

“She tells me that, um, my costume was offensive and I was promoting religion, which I wasn’t at all,” he explains.

Shortly before school let out for the day, the high school released a statement, stating that: “We initially were concerned that the costume could be offensive to religious sensibilities. Upon further review, we realized the student did not intend to be offensive.”

Sanders was told he could put the costume back on.

But Frison, who met with school administrators along with her son to discuss the matter, said he chose not to do so.

“They realized they might have been premature and didn’t really assess the situation,” said Frison, who wondered if the image of a black Jesus evoked strong feelings.

“Race is an issue in our country,” she said. “We still struggle with racism. I don’t know if that was a factor, but it may have been. Would a Caucasian student dressed as Jesus have had the same effect?”

My thoughts? I’m sorry, but I understand the unwillingness of this kid’s mother to throw down a race card in the wake of this incident. But hey, that’s what this blog is for. That’s right, mom; allow me to say what you really wanted to say. If the kid had painted his face white his costume would’ve been acceptable. I mean, everybody knows that melanin “Jesus” is a problem here in America.

Heck, just ask Kanye West.

Kanye is now embracing the Confederate flag — you know, America’s preeminent symbol of defiance and hate? — but even he knows that melanin Jesus is a problem. How? Kanye hasn’t forgotten the backlash to the Rolling Stone magazine cover that depicted him as Jesus on the cross several years ago. Yep, and recently while on tour, Kanye had sense enough to have “White Jesus” walk across the stage as a hologram instead of, you know, a not-so-welcomed “Black Jesus”, Yeezus, or whatever Mr. Kardashian calls himself these days. Like this kid, Kanye is from Chicago but he’s not that crazy. And trust me, Kanye is rather strange; but again, that fool ain’t crazy.

All jokes aside, folks. What they did was a serious infraction per the U.S. Constitution. Forget about me and my race card for a minute. What they did was to infringe on this kid’s freedom of religious expression. In case you didn’t know, the constitution affords you that protection. But hey, in a country where a New York appellate court ruled today that it was kind of okay for now, for the NYPD to use “its “stop-and-frisk policy” which violates the rights of minorities. What else can we expect from our school system when it comes to a black kid choosing to look like Jesus for a day. But like my friends said on Facebook: The poor kid should have turned a bottle of water into wine, taken a swig, and walked out of the classroom screaming, “Sexual chocolate!”.

God Bless America!