Bill O’Reilly: Blacks in Chicago are Killing Each Other Because Whites No Longer Buying Drugs

Word on the street is that the Chicago teachers strike has officially ended. I’m not too sure about the details, but word is that the teachers union voted to suspend the strike this afternoon, and classes will resume as early as Wednesday. I’m not sure if both sides have come to an amicable agreement, but I suppose it’s safe t say that both sides are happy. The one thing highlighted by the strike are the deplorable conditions many already disadvantaged Chicago students are forced to endure in many schools across the city.

Many make a connection between poverty and education, and suggest that for poverty, education is the panacea. In the case of Chicago especially such a notion begs the question: if school funding is directly tied to neighborhood property values, how then can we expect education to solve the conundrum that is poverty in America and how the many social ills closely tied to it are exacerbation? Having said that, it is good to know that people like Bill O’Reilly exist. At a time where many attribute much of the violence in Chicago — a byproduct of poverty — to bad parenting. It is good to know that someone like Bill can step in and clear up the debate as to what exactly is happening in Chicago. I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but I believe Bill is on to something. Forget about teacher strikes and education solving poverty in urban centers.

Clearly what has to happen as a quick fix (at least in the case of Chicago) is that more white folks need to purchase drugs like they once did. Isn’t that right, Bill O’Reilly? I mean then and only then will the violence, poverty, and the problems of shitty schools go away, right?

Heck, at least he didn’t blame the violence on bad parenting…