Bill O’Reilly Plus Donald Trump Equals the Same Old Racism

Bill O’Reilly Plus Donald Trump Equals the Same Old Racism

According to most white folks, crime in white communities is as rare as responsible black fathers. White neighborhoods are as close to peaceful utopias as Disney World, only without the rides and cartoon character costume workers. The people there are polite, kind, hard-working, honorable, respectable and have good ole’ fashion American values. In other words white people live there. So, there’s nothing to fear.

On the other hand – still according to many whites – black and brown communities are pits of hell on Earth. Crime and violence always happen there, and most of the crime in the United States is caused by those people. Those neighborhoods support their hedonistic violent cultures and they have no one and nothing to blame but themselves.

It’s no wonder why you need to keep your windows up and doors locked when you drive through their hoods. That’s why those places are best to stay away from, especially at night because you know, black and brown people live there. Trouble is bound to happen.

This is what people like conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly and real estate mogul Donald Trump thinks. Tracy Clayton of the Root reports:

According toBill O’Reilly,” tweeted Trump (and we know that once you begin making a point by quotingBill O’Reilly, it’s all downhill from there), “80% of all the shootings in New York City are blacks — if you add Hispanics, that figure goes to 98%. 1% white.” In tweets that have since been deleted, Trump went on to say, “When it comes to violent crime, and if we are going to solve the problem, we must stop being so politically correct — must tell it like it is!” Then, “Likewise, the primary victims of violent crime are in the African-American and Hispanic communities. These people want LAW AND ORDER now!”

oreilly-trump1This doesn’t surprise me in the least. I only read and heard similar statements like this only a million-zillion times already. It’s useless to act shocked, let alone offended. After a while, you kinda let it pass over.

One thing is true though, African-American and Hispanics are also aware of the problem of crime and violence in the community. However, unlike O’Reilly, Trump and many other white-minded critics, there are black and brown folk who actively do what they can with what they have to stop it. When was the last time Ole’ Bill and Don help end crime in places like Brooklyn or Harlem while trying to find ways to eject President Obama and protect the tax brackets of the filthy rich?

I guess Ms. Clayton and I were wrong in what black and brown communities in NYC want. I thought they wanted an end to ‘stop and frisk’ and police brutality. I also thought they want adequate and equal opportunity employment and housing and more effective ways to lower and fight crime and still be treated like human beings. But I guess all we want is “Law and Order”, which I guess they meant the TV show.