Ann Coulter: Racism Would Be Dead If It Wasn’t For the Democrats

There’s something ironic about Ann Coulter saying that racism would be dead if it wasn’t for the mainstream media and Democrats, while peddling a book on Fox & Friends about how racist Democrats are. Yep, this from the woman who not too long ago in defense of Herman Cain said that, “Our blacks are better than their blacks.” Not overtly racially offensive, but there’s a tinge of that “My slaves aren’t as lazy as yours,” thing, to that statement. So I guess it’s no shock that Rageddy Ann purports herself to be an expert on racial politics as the pushes her latest book in the following interview with Steve Doocy of all people. You may not remember, but like Ann, Doocy is quite color aroused himself.

Be that as it may, what’ really sticks out in the following video is how Ann takes white liberals like Rachel Maddow (who supposedly isn’t comfortable around black people), Lawrence O’Donnell, and Bill Maher to task for being sympathetic to black people. Seriously, at one point I thought she was going to call O’Donnell and Maher, “nigger lovers,” but she didn’t. Instead, she said — and I’m not paraphrasing here — that O’Donnell and Maher date “black gals,” so they think they’re “freedom riders.” Very insulting, but funny; definitely more Lisa Lampanelli than Michael Richards.

Rageddy Ann & Ashy Jimmy

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Ann still dating Jimmy “J.J.” Walker of Good Times fame? If she is, clearly by doing so it doesn’t make her a “freedom rider,” by her definition. But given the fact that “Kid Dyn-O-mite” has resurfaced recently as a “slave catcher” on Fox News as he too peddled his book with his critique of Obama. With him being the kneecap-licking, buck-dancing-negro that he is, wouldn’t this make Coulter, well, the daughter of a slave master? I mean obviously she would, given that she “knows” black people and their negro-loving white friends, right?

Listen, I’m not sure if racism would be dead if the mainstream media and the Democrats didn’t keep it alive. In fact, I don’t think racism itself would ever die; and, I think people who believe that it will, are delusional. However, if racism were to disappear, it wouldn’t be because Ann Coulter wants it to.

That much I know.