9 Arrested for Gang-Rape of a 16-Year-Old Girl

You probably won’t hear much about this case. As it is right now, it hasn’t received any national traction in the mainstream media. Why? Well, your guess is as good as mine. I suppose the fact that none of the accused are members of a local high school football or basketball team has something to do with it.

But then again, with the recent events in Cleveland, and givem that the neighborhood on question is not-so-sunny, maybe it will. At any rate, what these people did was despicable and they deserved to be thrown under the jail. What’s especially disturbing, however, is the fact that there were witnesses to the gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl who failed to report it to the police. I could be wrong, but those people are just as guilty of rape, in my humble opinion.

This from Cluck2Houston:

MADISONVILLE, Texas – Police have arrested two more people in connection to the brutal gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Madisonville.

Investigators said a man and woman turned themselves in over the weekend, which brings the total number of people arrested to nine.  Two people are still on the run.

The attack happened in early March at a trailer in the 100 block of East Lance Street in Madisonville. Investigators said someone was paid to bring the victim to the trailer.

After the victim arrived, police said the suspects gave the girl meth, then proceeded to take turns sexually assaulting her.

“She was brought over there, enticed by methamphetamines, repeatedly sexually assaulted one after another by about 11 individuals,” said Lt. Jonathan Zitzmann with the Madisonville Police Department.

Just behind the window of the trailer on East Lance is where Madisonville police said the teenage girl was held prisoner for hours in March.

“Once the sexual assault began, what our intel is telling us is that they started making phone calls and texting people, and more people ended up coming to the house to, unfortunately, take their turn,” said Zitzmann.

“After the sexual assault was finished, she was then introduced to two females who were not related with the sexual assault, one that allegedly threatened her with a gun who remains unknown at this time, and a second female who allegedly hit her with a tire iron several times on the head,” said Zitzmann.

9-arrested-gang-rape-of-16-year-old-madisonville-texas1[…] Police said the victim told her mother about the attack the same night but was so intoxicated from drugs that she wasn’t able to give police much information. Once the drugs wore off, police said she was very helpful.

“She’s a very smart girl, and she was able to remember a lot,” said Zitzmann. “And we do have several witnesses that were able to corroborate her story to a ‘t’.”

Zitzmann said even though the witnesses were helpful with information, none of them did anything to stop the crime from happening.

“Thankfully, they came forward to talk to police after the fact,” said Zitzmann. “It’s better late than never.”

Investigators said this isn’t the first time these suspects have had trouble with the law.

“It is a group of guys that have a vast criminal history,” said Zitzmann. “Several of them have convictions for drug abuse, drug delivery and violence.”

Debrodrick Manning, Brandon Gilbert, Derrick Kyle, Lorenzo Ford, Lafelix Turner, Steven Manning and Adrian Butler have all been arrested in connection to the case.

The suspects were caught off guard, many sleeping at the time police showed up at their doorstep. Some were even taken to jail barefoot and in boxer shorts.

All of the suspects have been charged with sexual assault of a child and trafficking of persons, a first degree felony. Those suspects could get up to 99 years in prison if convicted.

If you have any information on their whereabouts, you are urged to call Madisonville police.

Watch the video below:

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