Who said George Bush don’t like Black people!

You know I get sick of you people crying about racism as it applies to Barack Obama. Bill Clinton was the first Black president, but did y’all cry about racism then? No, you didn’t; and even he (Bill Clinton) came out recently and said that all these protests were not racist. Yeah, Jimmy Carter is just an old man from the south stuck in the time period of his youth as are all Black people who are still stuck on slavery. But anyway, while you people dwell on the trivial and insignificant elements of our culture. Allow me to take a moment to praise our former president George W. Bush. The last thing I’d like to see happen is for you people to have him go down in history as a racist man as y’all have erroneously done to the great Abraham Lincoln.

There’s a new book on shelves, Speechless: Tales of a White House Survivor, written by Matt Latimer, a former Bush administration employee. In it he describes a 2008 California GOP fundraiser he attended while he worked at the White House. The president gave a speech to his donors which described his fight with alcoholism as only he has lived it. Check out the following excerpt from page 177 of the book as it describes just how Bush reached out to give hope to a few bad apples as he visited a prison ministry program. It must be noted that Mr. Bush is really big on those faith-based initiatives, hence him taking time out of his busy schedule to do God’s work such as invading Iraq, but that’s another post:

He talked about his own failings with alcoholism as the reason he supported his faith-based initiative. “My philosophy is, find somebody who hurts and do something about it,” he said. “Don’t wait for government to tell you what to do.” He bluntly talked about his own situation. “I was beginning to love alcohol over my wife and kids. It got to a point when Billy Graham came into my life. But I was hardheaded and didn’t want to listen for a while. And then I stopped drinking overnight. I am a one-man faith-based initiative. Alcohol was competing for my affections. And it would have ruined me.”

He said things that could ruffle feathers, such as how he’d recently gone to a faith-based program run by “former drunks.” He said he went to see a prison ministry program, noting that ‘everyone was black, of course.” All eyes turned in search of the sole African American in the audience of donors. They wanted to see if he was offended.Of course the author, Matt Latimer went on to add that the African-American man didn’t “appear to be” offended at all. As a matter of fact, he went on to defend Mr. Bush’s statement by saying “[He] didn’t mean it in a derogatory way. He just liked making blunt observations to shock his audience.” Now see, if only we could get you people to all start thinking like this Black man (who’s probably a devout Republican Christian) things would be right with America.

It’s obvious that you people are unappreciative of George Bush’s pedigree. Uh huh, I’ve heard that some of you people are still upset because of what Barbara Bush said about those poor evacuees’ refugees after Hurricane Katrina “who were underprivileged anyway.” Sure some of you may think that a turd doesn’t fall too far from the ass crack, but, I think you people who think that are just being racist as always. If George Bush didn’t like God or Black people, would he have taken the time to visit all those irresponsible Black drunken addicts in prison?