WATCH: President Obama Schools Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Racial Bias in Policing

President Barack Obama was challenged by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on the issue of policing recently. Patrick claimed that Obama has said very little in support of police officers, in the ongoing debate on race and policing.

To hear Parick tell iobama-patrick-forum_1_670xt, Obama has been unsympathetic to the plight of police officers. Instead, according to Patrick, Obama has thrown all his support behind the Black Lives Matter movement. If you share Patrick’s opinion, then obviously you haven’t been paying much attention. Obama has always said and continues to understand both sides of the argument. But,if you missed this, it’s either you haven’t been paying attention like I said. Either that or you’re blinded by your ideological leanings. But hey, don’t take my word for it.

Just listen to what Obama said to Patrick in the video above.