Video: Romney Caught Discussing Bain’s Exploitation of Chinese Labor

Until recently, I wasn’t sure whether Mitt Romney was running for president of the United States, or Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. What can I say, his “Keep America American,” campaign slogan was once used by the KKK back in 1922. Pretty good slogan especially when you’re running against the first black president who uses the narcissistic one-word slogan, “Forward,” but who cares, right? The truth is that Romney is in fact running for president and not Grand Wizard, even with as oppressive his policies may be. However, you can’t say that he doesn’t love America.

In fact, Romney loves America so much, that he recently shared a story of just how “lucky” it is to be born (or living) in America. A point not uncommon and often pointed out by notable speakers like Warren Buffet at speaking engagements om occasion. Some may liken it to political jingoism; but the fact is, it is accepted as a patriotic gesture. Heck, even Barack Obama himself has expressed on many a occassion that his story would not be possible anywhere else but the United States.

So what’s the big deal about Romney being patriotic, RiPPa? Well, nothing really; that is, with the exception that the story he told involves Bain Capital (you remember them, don’t you?) and a factory in China that uses very cheap labor to produce its products. So what’s the big deal, RiPPa, everybody knows that companies employ cheap labor to produce products overseas. Well, this is true, but you just have to hear Romney tell it for himself. As I mentioned before, the following story was told at a fundraiser; also of note, is the fact that it was captured by a hidden camera.

The factory as Romney describes in the following video, was surrounded by armed guards in towers, and housed at least 12 women to a room. Romney’s point was that, “95% of life is settled if you’re born in America.” A point not lost by the wealthy donors in attendance, I’m sure.

Check it out:

I could be wrong, but I doubt whether any of the American workers who lost jobs because of Bain Capital outsourcing their positions to cheap-but-exploited Chinese labor would appreciate this story. Unlike the job creators who I assume to be in attendance, a story like this one fails the patriotic smell test. Truth be told, to them, this story has the putrid stench of dead carcasses being circled by Vulture Capitalists like Mitt. At the end of the day, I suppose the message here is that exploiting and profiting from cheap labor, is in fact the American way; and something to be very proud of, if you’re lucky enough to be born into money as are most of the so-called job creators.


(H/T Political Wire)