Trumpcare: It’s Like Ebola, But Good For You

To date, I haven’t said anything about Trumpcare. Or, specifically, about how badly President ManBaby aka Donald Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan, and the House Republicans failed with their first attempt to repeal Obamacare. But trust me, folks, it was pretty bad. It was an absolutely shameful loss on their part on their first go around. After seven years and with Republicans having total control of every branch of government, you would think that repealing Obamacare would be a done deal. Surely it would be a piece of cake. But like I said, they failed badly.

How Badly Did House Republicans Fail?

I’m talking, you just got paid and your checking account is still overdrawn bad. I’m talking, saying the wrong name during sex bad. I’m talking, you just paid a nice piece of change to get your hair done but the humidity ruined it while you drove home from the beautician bad. I’m talking premature ejaculation bad.

I mean really bad.

Just simply bad as fuck.

It was bad enough that they couldn’t get together in agreement on just how bad they wanted to screw Americans. Which turned out to be a good thing, because, once details got out, the many Americans were not having it.

As proposed initially, the bill would:

This didn’t sit well with Americans. Proposing a replacement to Obamacare that would essentially present itself to be an existential threat to the lives of millions didn’t go over well. That said, it only makes sense that the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) polled at a 17% approval rating with voters. And why wouldn’t it? Such a proposal only helped to increase the popularity of Obamacare in its current form. Not that Obamacare is perfect and isn’t in need of improvement. However, the Republican health care plan would make the lives of regular folks more difficult, by limiting our access to health care.

Republicans have shown their hand, folks. They’re not interested in improving Obamacare; and, their proposed fix has been rejected. As previously mentioned, Trumpcare has a 17% approval rate among voters That said, them attempting to sabotage the existing law would be political suicide. Anything short of reaching across the aisle to Democrats will be met with rebuke.

The repeal and replace thing is dead

To hear Republicans tell it, Obamacare is exploding bigger than your asshole would after eating five-day-old collard greens with boiled eggs on the side. It’s in a downward spiral, they say. It’s like a mix of heroin and cyanide coursing through our veins.There’s only one problem: It isn’t. Well, not according to the CBO it isn’t. You may have heard of them, no? They’re the nonpartisan folks who took precious time to look at the recent Republican health care bill and determined that it was trash – murderous trash, to be exact.

The CBO also said that the proposed bill, unlike Obamacare, would add to the deficit. If nothing else, Republicans proposing a bill that blows a hole in the deficit is hypocritical. After all, Republicans accused Obama of runaway spending and used this as an argument to oppose everything. In fact, they held the country hostage and even shut down the government when it came to raising the Debt Ceiling. For the first time in history, America’s credit rating was downgraded, thanks to recalcitrant Republicans.

Trumpcare Must Die Now

Thankfully, Americans are waking up and raising hell in opposition to Trumpcare at Republican town halls across the country. Even so, recently, I somehow entered the twilight zone. For a liberal like myself, it was mind blowing.

Okay, so I was in a conversation with a number of Trump voters who clearly hate Obamacare. Yes, “Obamacare is destroying America and made my wife cheat on me… blah blah blah.” Well, apparently, the Trump supporters in the conversation also hate Trumpcare as proposed by House Republicans. So, get this: They were all in agreement that we need a single-payer healthcare system. Yes, universal healthcare. Yes, that socialist government-run healthcare they all oppose. You know, because, “we have too much government,” and, “the government shouldn’t be involved in our lives… let alone healthcare.” Unbelievable!

I suddenly felt like I was in an alternate universe. This was an argument pushed by Republicans opposed to Obamacare. Yet now that House Republicans have proposed a daily dose of shit sandwiches as health care reform, suddenly, my Republican friends are now all on board with what Bernie Sanders proposed.

The irony of this turnaround is rich. For many Obamacare opponents, getting subsidies to help pay for healthcare feels too much like standing in the cheese line and a measure of irresponsibility. Plainly speaking, in racial terms, it makes them feel less Anglo and more Negro. This new position adopted by some of my Republican friends could bode well for the future of Obamacare. Senate Republicans should tread cautiously so as to not adopt the House Republican version of Trumpcare. If they truly care, they would keep everything we love about Obamacare, and make improvements to the current law.

Say Yes To Obamacare And No To Trumpcare

I have never been to a whore house. So, I’m not sure how it may go if I were ever to try to purchase the services of a woman in one of those places. Even so, I can’t imagine the Madame saying to me, ” I think you might like this girl. Nevermind her having herpes… She’s beautiful!” And upon rejecting that beautifully diseased woman, the Madame brings me another girl and says, “Okay, how about this one? She’s thick like you like them… and even though she’s HIV positive, she’s guaranteed to completely rock your world.”

Of course, this scenario sounds absolutely ridiculous. You might even say that something like this would never happen. Again, I’ve never been in that type of establishment. Yes, and I have never given it any thought – believe me.

But here’s the thing: House Republicans essentially did the same thing recently by passing their bill to repeal Obamacare.The bill is even worse that its former version. Oh, and they all got together and celebrated its passage at the White House with Trump. Yes, and we’re supposed to be the idiots happy enough to sign up for health care coverage that’s guaranteed to ensure pain, financial hardships, and a shorter lifespan. This is why it’s up to us to call our Senators and let them know that we’re opposed to Trumpcare in its current form.