Trump Says Obama Has Failed African-Americans

While speaking at a campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida, Donald Trump took a moment to criticise President Barack Obama. This time, however, his criticism was unlike his normal routine. Trump stated that less has been done for African-Americans than any other time in history.

In the video above, author Eddie Glaude Jr. joined Morning Joe to discuss ‘Democracy in Black,’ his new book which looks at, in part, how President Obama has failed African-Americans. The National Urban League’s Marc Morial also joined the discussion, and thankfully provided the necessary context. The discussion or the assertion that Obama has failed Black folks is disingenuous. It is particularly so because the criticism lobbied ignores the lingering effects of the Great Recession of 2007. As well as, the ongoing effects of centuries old institutionalised racism in America.

They took down the Confederate Flag and now we have Donald Trump as a symbol of hate instead. Thanks Obama!
They took down the Confederate Flag and now we have Donald Trump as a symbol of hate instead. Thanks Obama!

This isn’t a new political argument bandied around for political expedience. Whether this case is made by presidential candidates or your garden variety Republican troll, the argument is disingenuous. What is true, however, is that all economic indicators do in fact point to African-Americans doing worse economically under the Obama presidency. Where the argument falls short, however, is in ignoring the effect of the Great Recession of 2007.

“Under President Barack Obama, income levels and unemployment numbers “are worse now than just about ever” for African-Americans.

Donald Trump on Sunday, August 2nd, 2015 in an interview on ABC “This Week”

The recession of 2007 produced a widening of an already widened wealth gap between whites and blacks. The recession exacerbated the negative effects of decades-old failed public policy, and systemic racism. To be sure, things today, in the wake of the recession, could be much better for African-Americans. But, we have a recalcitrant Republican congress and their record filibusters to thank for that. Whatever happened to that Jobs Bill?

Look, here’s the truth: A white man running for president with a penchant for saying racist things criticising Obama because black folk, “are having one of the worst times they ever have,” should never be taken seriously. Not especially since said racist-white-man trying to become the Republican nominee for president, is of the opinion that wages in this country are too high. Which is funny, because while Trump is pretending to care about the economic plight of African-Americans, he has yet to produce one policy prescription that remedies the situation. And no, encouraging the assault of Black Lives Matter activists during Trump campaign rallies ain’t it either.