The Riots Are Coming – Not the British

Been watching the news regarding the “riots” in London, England with great trepidation and dismay. I get the people being afraid and angry because they feel that the police didn’t protect them from those that were out and about engaged in mayhem. I even get those who wound up homeless because their flats were torched….I get the politicians caught flat-footed trying to spin the situation so that it will not seem like what it is – that things got way out of control.

I also get that it is easier to cast aspersions to people’s character and speak of people in terms of being “evil” instead of embracing the idea that there was not ONE specific reason that led to those riots. The refusal to understand this will probably lead to more in London and elsewhere. To over simplify and placate one’s sense of righteous indignation by saying, oh these were acts that were criminal pure plain and simple portrays a woeful lack of understanding and reflects the ignorance it purports to identify in those that were out there.

The acts may have been ultimately criminal – but i am so sure that NONE Of those people woke up in the morning and said “gee you know what I am going to go out today and be a criminal and do criminal things”.

People in London as well as right here in the United States need to start grasping the concept of  what it feels like when you feel like you have no future and nothing to lose and you are continually  bombarded with imagery via media, entertainment and the world at large that is highly materialistic.

Spend a few days not knowing what you are going to eat with NO money in your pockets and then lets come back and have  a conversation about poverty and the continued move by the WEALTHY to amass wealth at the expense of others and in the United States to implement punitive measures against people who are already without much of anything in the first place.

Putting all these  materialistic images out into the atmosphere that “tell” people that the way to happiness is to buy this flat panel TV, get these clothes, buy those shoes, drive this car etc.  There is an abject refusal for people to realize that when they put messages out there into the public domain that NOT everyone listening is going to process the information in a productive way and or that everyone’s situation is in line with whatever imagery is being presented.

In this country with over 41% of teens unable to find work – and with limited prospects living in communities that have borne the brunt of being forgotten, police brutality, and not being able to see their way out of it.  All the while being hit up with imagery that tells them to be cool,  to be flossing (but never imparts how you do it just tells you you should). High priced cars expensive clothes and expensive places – out of reach of most americans never mind those living in the hood.  They talk about the lack of responsibility for those youths that went out and took to the streets – where is the sense of responsibility for those who not only put these messages out there but are profiting from it and are right now you read are looking into ways to profit off of this?


It’s only a matter of time before Rome  United States starts to burn – again….










Those who cannot remember the past – are doomed to repeat it

Life of Reason 1 – George Satayana