Tea Party Mormons: I’m Voting For Romney Because Unlike Obma, He’s Not A Muslim

Apparently Mormons don’t drink Tea, but yet they’re still down with the Tea Party…

I don’t care whether you believe in talking salamanders, magic underwear, or burning bushes that speak; frankly, I think it’s all stupid really. But hey, that’s your belief and choice of religious observance to which you’re Constitutionally entitled. However, just know that I think you’re an idiot if your choice to vote for Mitt Romney has something to do with Barack Obama being a Muslim.

Might I add that it is extremely hypocritical to say that voting for Romney is no big deal even if he isn’t a Christian, because Mormons do acknowledge the Jesus who came to Missouri who obviously didn’t make the final cut of the current Bible because the founding fathers were not yet born. Because unlike Muslims, at least Mormons do recognize Jesus as the son of God. As mysterious as this religion thing is, hopefully anything I’ve said from a secularist perspective thus far, makes sense; yep, I happen to think all of it happens to be as silly as childhood fairy-tales with cows jumping over the moon, laughing little dogs, and dishes running away from crime scenes with spoons in tow as co-defendants. Yeah, real gangsta-ass hood shit, son.

I found the following from Pew Research interesting:

Mormons are more conservative than the general public on a variety of political, social and moral issues. Compared with the population as a whole, Mormons are more Republican in their party affiliation and conservative in their political ideology. They have a less favorable view of Barack Obama than non-Mormons, and they hold more conservative views than the general public on issues such as the size of government, abortion and homosexuality. On questions of morality, Mormons are more likely than others to say that extramarital sex and drinking alcohol are morally wrong.

Two-thirds of Mormons (66%) call themselves conservative, about one-in-five (22%) say they are moderate and only about one-in-ten (8%) say they are liberal. The political ideology of Mormons closely resembles that of white evangelical Protestants (61% conservative, 27% moderate and 9% liberal), and both groups are far more conservative than other major religious groups and the public overall.

[…] Roughly one-third (36%) of Mormon registered voters say they agree with the Tea Party movement, while 17% say they disagree and 47% express no opinion. Support for the Tea Party is higher among Mormons than among the public as a whole, which is largely attributable to Mormons’ high level of Republicanism. Mormon Republicans closely resemble Republicans as a whole in their views about the Tea Party, and Mormon Democrats closely resemble all Democrats in their attitudes about the movement.

That said, I found the following video featuring interviews with Tea Party supporters at a recent Cleveland rally by Blogger Interrupted to be friggin’ hilarious. To be fair, the following doesn’t capture or is indicative of the general mindset of all Tea Party types. However, as far as ignorance, it’s pretty fucking close. What makes this even more hilarious, is that Breitbart blogger Dana Loesch happens to be one of the attendees interviewed. Why is this funny? Because a right-winger recently told me I was too intelligent to be a Democrat and I should switch sides and blog for the GOP.