STACY DASH & SARAH PALIN have treated us this past week to exercises in “How to Excel in Inanity and Ignorance While Making a Profit.”

These traits, which they both have become known for having exceeded their 15 minutes of fame long ago.

Stacy Dash may win this round however with her recent comments over on the Outnumbered show which airs on Fox where she was asked about the University of Virginia news asking female students to refrain from attending frat parties in order to circumvent potential rape scenarios. Aside from referring to grown women as “girls” which she corrected herself on – she goes on to say that she thinks it’s a good policy and that “good girls” should stay home where it is safe. She continued on to say that its bad girls that go out to be naughty and get drunk and over drinks?

You can watch the clip with her comments here:

This tour de force was preceded by another master chef word salad by the nation’s favorite snow billy/grifter/political-wanna-be Sarah Palin’s speech in Iowa that at best can be described as gibberish  as only she can deliver it.  Watch Below:

One has to wonder about these two – if they were not in a real broad sense “attractive” females would they even be granted a platform to spew such drivel short of a stint on an SNL skit?

That they profit off of such behavior says more about society’s affinity for listening to this stuff than each as individuals. Although still to this day beauty remains only skin deep and you still can’t fix stupid.