Sanders vs. Trump Debate Signals Desperation

There are good ideas, and there are bad ideas. And then, there’s the idea of Bernie Sanders debating Donald Trump being floated this week. That idea is neither good or bad.

Sanders debating Trump is a horrible idea

In my opinion, however, the idea of a Trump vs. Sanders debate, at this point where the primary season is all but over, is a totally horrible idea. In short, it’s an idea that isn’t a good look for Bernie Sanders. I can see why Bernie would entertain or openly welcome such an idea. Plainly speaking,  Bernie Sanders is desperate. A debate with Trump would make him look more like a quadriplegic attempting to ride a fifty-foot wave on a surfboard, than the principled politician we have come to know love.

Bernie Sanders is a desperate man on a mission

Sanders’s eagerness to debate Trump makes sense for his camp because Sanders continues to argue, that he, according to polls, is the better candidate to face Trump in November’s general election. If Sanders plans to go all the way to the Democratic party convention in hopes of walking out as the party’s nominee, the fact that he debated Trump helps him in making that argument. The problem, however, is that as I’ve already explained in a previous post, the argument Sanders makes is a losing one. Why? because, by the time the convention ends, Sanders will not have the requisite delegate count to secure the nomination.

sanders-vs-trump-debate_650xWhy? because, by the time the convention ends, Sanders will not have the requisite delegate count to surpass Hillary Clinton, or even the popular vote for that matter, to be deemed the party’s clear nominee for the presidency. This would explain the disappointment Sanders must feel, now that Trump has announced that he’s no longer interested in debating Sanders after toying with the idea for the last few days. If I was Sanders I’d be disappointed as well. Why? Because, in truth, nothing says that your candidacy is irrelevant than Hillary Clinton refusing to debate Sanders this late in the game; and now, Trump has declined to do the same all the while referring to Sanders as “Crazy Bernie,” on the campaign trail. Hell, Trump’s campaign didn’t even give Sanders the courtesy of a phone call to tell him that the debate was off.

Yep, talk about gettin’ treated like a wet food stamp.


Below, Rachel Maddow reports on the newly discussed possibility of a debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and what that would mean for each candidate’s profile in the race, particularly Hillary Clinton’s. At this point, it isn’t about whether Sanders will clean Trump’s clock in a debate – hell, he very well might. However, whether he does or not since Sanders isn’t going to be the nominee, he would reduce himself to being a carnival sideshow freak. A Sanders vs. Trump debate would be much like Andy Kaufman fighting in the WWF all over again – a fucking joke and a half. In the end, what dignity and respect Sanders has built through his campaign run will be lost. Which is sad because Trump, like Clinton, has nothing to gain by debating Sanders at this point of the election cycle.

Maddow On Trump vs. Sanders Debate from Patrick Phillips on Vimeo.