Ron Paul: Like Martin Luther King Jr, the New Savior of Black America?

If you tell me that I as a Black man should be a supporter of Ron Paul because of his stance on weed and that’s it. I reserve the right to slap the shit out of you on behalf of my intelligence. No really, if that’s all you got, you really shouldn’t talk to me. Marijuana is the least of this country’s problems; it’s an issue – decriminalization that is. However, again, it’s the least of our problems. But I guess weed creates jobs for Negroes.

Oh, and not all Black people smoke weed, you misguided idiots! Oh I guess just because I’m Black there’s a genetic predisposition to twist up blunts unlike any other ethnic group. Oh and yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard about his racist newsletters like I have. I suppose I’m supposed to overlook them or the fact that he defended them. Yeah, none of that matters should he become president, because it’s not like he owns slaves like the founding fathers did back in the day, right? Yeah, I’m sure they too were big on property rights just like Ron Paul.

No Seriously, I Went To Gym With A Black Guy!

Yeah, I suppose that fact coupled with my stance on the war on drugs automatically makes me sympathetic to the idea of supporting Ron Paul, right? No seriously, is that what you think? I’m only asking because that’s all I’m fucking hearing all over the damn internet. RiPPa you Black and you’re down, why you don’t support Ron Paul, nigga? Well I’ll let you figure it out, stupid! I got more to say, but I’ll stop for now and get back to you low information voters. Fuck what you heard; I’d support RuPaul before I do Ron Paul; but then again, I don’t smoke weed. Shit, call me when he starts kissing Black babies on the campaign trail. No seriously, call when he does that shit, ‘cuz I’d love to see it myself.

Side Note: Ron Paul voted “No” on legislation to create Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m excited when I see more people like me being drawn into the political arena. As a matter of fact, I encourage more of us become active participants in the process. But at the same time, I urge many of you — much like the people in the videos — to pick up a book like Democracy Matters by Dr. Cornel West and read. There are a host of books that can be read on the issue of politics. I encourage you to read them as opposed to being pulled in by snake oil salesmen like Paul and his political buzzwords like freedom, liberty, and all that other bullshit which doesn’t have your Black ass in mind. Hell, where would you be today without the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that Paul clearly opposes? Yeah, I guess telling white folks that Black folk should be treated with human dignity seems like too much government. Yeah, to some of y’all, riding on the back of a bus wasn’t really a big deal, I suppose. Yep, just like the “nigger” water fountain from which Kool Aid ran, it was all good. Uh-huh, who needed laws to change those awesomely groovy times of oppression?

Being Black we must always remember that we’re one constitutional amendment away from being non-citizens; and yes, we should participate fully in the political process. But don’t get it twisted, Ron Paul is no different than any right-winger who serves as an elected official. He cares more about deregulation of corporations than he does the little people that is you and I in America. He’d leave you no-health-insurance having Black ass on in the floor of an emergency room floor to die. Yep, and he took the Hippocratic oath; imagine that. But nah, keep smoking that weed and stay stupid. I guess if Ron Paul ever became president and he made weed legal, all will be right in the Black community; yep, that’s what it’s gon’ take to save us, and we’ll be free of our corporate oppressors.