Republicans Say Benghazi; I Say Beirut.. Iran-CONTRA.. 9/11..Iraq

So the Republicans headed by John Boehner, want yet another committee to look into the terrorist attacks in Benghazi. Now I can simply say fuck you, I mean that response is certainly warranted. It’s what I believe Obama should say, in prime time, on national television. He should simply walk to the podium, and say “Good evening my fellow Americans. To the Republicans who want me and my party to join them in the ongoing, over two year old investigations into the terror attacks in Benghazi, I say fuck you.” Then he should just leave the podium and go back to the Oval office.

Now we know that won’t happen, Obama won’t say that. And you know what, neither will I. How about this instead…the Democrats will gladly join in. They will take part into this over two year long political stunt IF and only IF the Republicans agree to start committees to investigate what happened in Beirut, when 241 soldiers were killed under the watch of Ronald Reagan. There was no two year long investigation into just went away. So we need to get to the bottom of that immediately.

The Republicans must then agree to a committee to investigate the Iran-Contra affair. Also known as arms for hostages. Another scandal under Reagan, to which there was an investigation but no high officials including George H.W. Bush were ever held accountable and soon after Bush was elected President. If the Republicans want to try and blame Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State for Benghazi, then we can certainly look into the VP at the time Bush, and his connections to Iran-Contra. This is another case that we never got to the bottom of, the same way the Republicans are convinced we haven’t gotten to the bottom of Benghazi.

Then we need a committee to investigate the reason why 9/11 was allowed to happen. George W. Bush and company received a memo a month before it happened that said “Bin Laden determined to strike inside the United States.” A month later he struck inside the United States and 3,000 Americans were killed. Aside from a few standard hearings we never investigated that either.

benghazi (1)When all of those committee’s are formed we must then convene the big one. A committee to investigate the lies that were told which got us into the Iraq war where hundreds of thousands have died and continue to die on an almost daily basis. Weapons of mass destruction..Hussein’s ability to destroy the United States with those weapons, to cause another 9/11…”Mission Accomplished”…the illegal torture of terrorist suspects, etc, etc. I could get into so much more but this is really all for the committee to sift through.

Whenever something positive happens for Obama, be it the millions enrolling in the ACA, great job numbers, stock market up, unemployment down, you name it, the Republicans bring back Benghazi. When there is another poll that shows how Hillary is going to win easily in 2016, there they go again with Benghazi.

But I’m not going to complain anymore. Let’s have that bi-partisan committee, no problem. As long as all of the other committee’s I mentioned are agreed to before hand.

Oh and if you say that stuff was so long ago and we should just get over it, which you (Republicans) love to say, then I have one response.

Fuck you.