Paul Ryan Cracks Jokes While Police Assault 71-Year-Old Protester

I’m so glad to see people becoming more actively involved in voicing their displeasure with the current state of our country. For too long U.S. politicians have been allowed to behave like spoiled children, they tell us what we want to hear in order for us both to go back to comfortably tolerating/ignoring each other.

But now that we realize that this formula of reward with no accountability is greatly flawed we are taking to the street, the blogs and the town hall meetings and getting our asses handed to us.

Tom Nielsen chose to speak out during a Rotary Club meeting against Paul Ryan’s campaign speech promises of gutting Social Security and Medicaid when he was tackled and detained by police officers.

During the video Mr. Nielsen can be heard telling the police he is not resisting arrest; he also warns them several times that he has a broken shoulder. Nevertheless, the 71 year old revolutionary was taken down and escorted out of the meeting while Ryan joked with the crowd by saying he hoped the protesters ‘had taken his blood pressure medicine today’.

It is fortunate that the truth is starting to come out.

Our presence is not only mocked by those who we put in charge of handling our will as citizens, but we are also being met with violence with more and more frequency. For those who believed that “Uncle Sam” was out great protector, our friend, our FATHER figure; I can only image the collective ting of a broken heart felt by those who really enjoyed the perception of a safe paternal figure.

Tom Nielson is only one man in a video among many others you will find if you would only bother to peruse the latest string of protest videos uploaded on Youtube.

I will not allow myself to become detached from this movement because simple math shows me all that I need to know. The will of the people greatly outweigh those few put in charge of running our country. And with any great revolution that gains in numbers each freedom fighter must go forth and know that the enemy can show us one or a hundred fellow soldiers detained and expelled from the fight but we will win as long as we remember that they can’t silence all of us….especially not my big ass mouth!

I wish Tim Nielsen a speedy recovery and I greatly appreciate his sacrifice.