Obama Campaign Has Spent Nearly $100 Million in Campaign Ads, Romney Smashed in New “Firms” Ad

Word on the street is that the Obama campaign has spent nearly $100 million on campaign ads in key battleground states. Which couldn’t come at a better time given that Mitt Romney is reeling from what he calls “a lie,” about when his tenure at Bain Capital ended. Clearly, as exhibited by the Romney media blitz yesterday, the Romney campaign feels the need to defend all allegations of possible fraudulent and felonious behavior. And, they have even has gone as far as to demand an apology from Obama for their false accusation — a pretty good schoolyard stall tactic, if you ask me.

Polls indicate that Obama’s ad spending has been effective in key states. His ads and Bain attacks has forced Romney to be specific on possibly the only thing his entire campaign to date. That would be, that he left Bain in 1999 – a position now exposed as a falsehood by the Boston Globe.

In my opinion, this signals that the Obama campaign is winning the messaging war, at least in the battleground states. No word on just how team Romney plans to counter the latest Obama campaign onslaught. However, the latest Obama attack ad, in my opinion, serves as the equivalent of a WWE pro-wrestling finishing move; or a Mortal Kombat flawless victory.

Check it out and tell me what you think:

To date, Romney has outspent President Obama who is on pace to be the first incumbent president to be outspent by his opponent in history. Yep, getting rid of the black guy isn’t cheap; and that’s how bad they want him gone. However, it’s damn shame when even while doing so, they have to rely on telling lies, disinformation, and above all, the overtly racist voter suppression attempts in order for Romney to win. At the end of the day, it is my belief that Obama will prevail; that is, unless voters buy into what Romney’s selling, which is nothing new and more of the same policies of old.