Nina Turner: Trump’s Election Commission is About Voter Intimidation

Nina Turner was recently named the president of the Bernie Sanders inspired spinoff organization, Our Revolution. The former Ohio State Senator and rising star in the Democratic party sat down with The Real News Network to discuss Trump’s Election Commission. Headed by Kris Kobach, Turner says that Trump’s Voter Commission is essentially a tool for voter intimidation, disenfranchisement, and is a threat to democracy.

Turner was asked about her thoughts on Kris Kobach’s recent request that states turn over voter registration records of registered voters which include social security numbers, criminal history, and party affiliation, Turner agreed that it was “insane.”

“[…] this is nothing but a commission to try to backup the falsehood that President Trump is peddling, about millions of people voting illegally, which is a fallacy. I think it was the Brennan Center that says that you have a greater likelihood of being struck by lightning than to have large swaths of people committing in-person voter fraud.”

“It is ridiculous, and it is meant to scare the American people and to make them feel as though they can’t trust our election system,” Turner added.

Watch below: