N*ggas in Chicago: What is Jesse Jackson Jr. Hiding?

Psycho/I’m liable/To go Jackson/Take your pick/Michael/Jesse/Papa Joe/Trial 6. Lie so hard/Whack news can’t find me/Mistress is grimy/Got a muthafuckin sister that’s 12-years-old/Cause daddy was slimy

Mood disorder my ass. Jesse Jackson Jr has been acting the fool since he got into office. Ai-yai-yai, these upper middle-class, buppy Civil Rights spawn and their notions of privilege while the rest of us are struggling.

In an era where legitimately mentally unstable people, especially the poor, working, and people of color, and in particular black men who are being imprisoned instead of receiving mental healthcare, Junior has made light of black men and black people seeking help.

The Root headlined a story in 2010 about Junior’s political career being summed up to just squandered potential; but the best assessment is that he never had it in the first place. It is more like a wasted Dem seat that is for the taking by the GOP.

I’ve seen Junior in action (personally) and what I saw at the DNC in 2000 was him being a complete and total jerk. His arrogance and foul mouth at first was embarrassing then down-right disappointing. That was not undiagnosed mood disorder, but narcissistic buffoonery with years of being fully immersed in his father’s lies.

Now as Junior stands on the heels of possibly getting some years for being involved in the Blagojevich Senate seat scandal. Plus his former fundraisng friend, Nayak, being caught up in fraud and releasing info that Junior was plugging a blonde cocktail waitress (amongst other things); and a sizeable area of his district looking like bombs over Baghdad as inner city Chicago burns—uhhhh yeah, Junior’s career is something of a wrap-o-la.

But my conspiracy nose is itching. I think with the Nayak bust they got way more shit on Junior, and he’s trying to put his proverbial ducks in a row before he gets totally exposed, and the Dems take another un-needed hit at the wrong time.

Exhaustion and alcohol you say? Honestly, I really do believe that Junior has a serious mental health issue, but I think mood disorder is a nice way to say that, that brother is batshit gone in some ways. And this time, unfortunately, his mother’s love can help heal wounds, but save her from the vultures of politics. It didn’t save her husband.

Matter of fact, it didn’t save King. By the way, please tell Papa Jackson, I know the bullshit behind the bloody shirt and why he dissed Ralph Abernathy’s book in the 90s. You know what I’m talking about, Junior and so does daddy.