Newark, New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker On Food Stamps?

Newark, New Jersey mayor Corey Booker is living on Food Stamps. No, this has nothing to do with him being melanin afflicted, and being predisposed to slothfulness. Starting out as a challenge to one of his right-wing leaning followers on Twitter, who asserted that, “nutrition is not a responsibility of the government. Apparently, Booker is out to prove that for many Americans, living on “Food Stamps” as participants of the government-funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), isn’t is as easy as it may seem.

So why is this even necessary? Well, given long-running narrative that says American society is swiftly becoming increasingly dependent upon government while living in the lap of luxury. Booker is out to prove that this is not so. He is out to prove that living on an average of $30 per week as slotted for food, isn’t as luxuriously ballerific as some may think. Nope, contrary to popular belief, food stamp recipients don’t all own Cadillac Escalades, 70″ flat screen televisions, or eat shrimp and lobster three times a day. And as Booker points out in his Day 1 report, it isn’t as easy as some may think.

This from Colorlines:

Newark Mayor Cory Booker says he went without food for long periods throughout his first day on the SNAP Challenge. The normally caffeinated mayor also complained he couldn’t afford coffee or Diet Pepsi.

[…] Booker will have to survive off 17 cans of beans, seven yams, two bags of frozen vegetables and two apples for the next seven days.

“For the first time, in a very long time, I am considering every meal and the cost of the food I am eating,”Booker wrote on his SNAPChallenge blog.

“I am unable to afford coffee or other caffeinated beverages on the SNAP budget. I cannot remember the last time I started the day without a cup of coffee,” Booker went on to write. He also can’t afford his other signature vice, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Because many people don’t have social safety nets, the guidelines of the SNAPChallenge don’t allow Booker to accept food from family or friends.

Booker is only on day two but he says he’s already learned a lot.

“If I could go back and do it over again, I definitely would have gotten a dozen eggs and I would have clipped coupons,” Booker told

Forever the superhero, I commend the efforts of Booker; yes, as nauseating as it may seem, I really do. However, I’d like to think that of Corey Booker was really serious about this challenge. That is, if he was truly interested in showing just how hard it may be for the many lazy recipients of the outpouring of Barack Obama’s “free stuff.” If he was really serious, Booker would be selling crack cocaine to rich white kids in school zones if he was truly interested in keeping it real.

After all, isn’t that what food stamp recipients do?