New GOP Meme: Obama’s “War on Religion” Over With Catholics, But Now Targets Amish

OK, so Obama’s “War on Religion” has officially ended. No offense to anyone, but I wish he took care of Jehovah Witness folks knocking on my door; or the creepy guys in white shirts who ride bikes around my neighborhood with said “war”. Oh well, maybe he’ll go after the Amish now.

Something tells me they are an overlooked crime syndicate given the strength of their voting block. Yep, pretty soon stupid Republicans will try to go after the Amish vote, by creating another wedge issue (read here). Yeah, something tells me that it won’t be long before one of the four stooges Republican presidential candidates will say that president Obama is trying to force Amish people to drive cars so as to open up a new market for his union buddies up in Detroit, as part of the auto bail out deal.

It’s either that or the GOP will spin this to be yet another one of their victories by saying that he “caved”, as I am sure some of my Liberal buddies believe. A pretty stupid assessment if you ask me, because everyone comes out smelling like roses on this one.

Because of today’s ruling by the White House, the Catholic church wouldn’t be forced into performing abortions as idiots on the right would have you believe. However, the burning question now, is that since the so-called “war on religion” has ended with not as much as one Bible tossed, what will the GOP do now? I’m telling you, their desperation will lead them to Gunther.