More Media Lies About the ACA (Affordable Care Act)

You expect it from Fox News and schmucks like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. You don’t expect it from the “unbiased” main stream media but yet there they were, talking about the newly released CBO and how the report says that it will cause two million lost jobs. It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to see, upon reading the report that of course that isn’t the case at all. That many of those people working two or three jobs, or full time instead of part time, will now be able to cut back on their full time hours OR work one job because they are covered under Obamacare and don’t need to rely on those extra hours or jobs to get coverage.

It might even be a situation where a mom or dad has to work in order for the family to get coverage. Now they might decide to stay at home, and spend more time with the kids (family values!) because the ACA has them covered. I’ve seen weather reports that are more complicated than what the CBO put out so the question is why did the MSM perpetuate the lie that jobs would be lost?

Well let’s take a look at what the motives could be..

I guess you could say that technically jobs will be lost at first. But of course it’s not because Obamacare is bad for jobs, in fact it’s proven that it will CREATE jobs and the CBO detailed how jobs would be created, and wages increased. As I described, a child could understand that people might WILLINGLY give up these jobs OR cut to part time because they are now living in a slightly more civilized society and don’t need the slave labor to afford healthcare. These job openings will then be filled by others who might need them.

Sadly MSNBC’s Chuck Todd was unclear about what the CBO meant. Is he stupid? I mean I hope not because I know plenty of people including myself who could do his job better than him. So let’s say for sanity sake that Todd isn’t stupid. That would the mean that he is either lying because he wants to energize the right or cause needless drama OR and I think this might be it..he thinks that telling the truth is…wait for it…wait for it…PARTISAN!!!!!!

Yes the old CNN logic and now the logic of some on MSNBC and many other networks. That telling the truth, providing the facts, is being one sided. You have to see everything BOTH WAYS in order to be fair. Let’s try and carry out this logic in other, even more obvious areas. OK, so the sky isn’t blue…it’s umm..I dunno…silverish yellow? Reddish purple? The earth isn’t’s let’s see..roundish? Flat with flair? Two plus two isn’t four…’s…22? I mean it could be seen as 22 right? To be fair I mean.

MSNBC;s Chuck Todd
MSNBC;s Chuck Todd

You see how stupid this is? How fucking insanely dumb? Some things are just right or wrong, facts or lies. It doesn’t make you partisan or biased when you state these facts it just makes you RIGHT! And when you don’t it makes you look dumb and foolish and it gives the lies credibility.

We just saw a debate about evolution vs. creationism in the year 2014 here in the United States. Just that we have a debate like that shows how royally fucked we are here. Some things are facts and science and real and true. Some things are fantasy, conjecture, false, and harmful. Period.

The ACA is really about people like me. People who had NO health care just 40 days ago and now have low premiums, little or no deductibles and co-pays. My new coverage like most of the three million plus new members, is top notch with good doctors and a healthy choice of providers. This is fact.

What we saw on many “news” stations after the CBO was released is fiction. Credit must be given to Carol Costello of CNN. She stood out among her colleagues in the MSM when she told the truth about the report.

You see Chuck Todd, and others like you…Costello isn’t biased. She is a good journalist who believes in reporting the facts.

She knows right from wrong. You don’t.