Mitt Romney’s Mexican Relatives Aren’t Feeling Him

So how out of touch is Mitt Romney? Well, according to a report by, Romney is so out of touch that not even his Mexican relatiuves are feeling him. OK, so they don’t exactlt agree with his stance on immigration and the DREAM Act. But still, it sayts a lot when your own relatives are against your immigration policies, no? I mean this from a guy who’s own father was born in Mexico. Oh well, at least he didn’t tell Mexico that it has to adopt English as it’s primary language should Mexicans desire statehood because it’s in the Constitution. Can you say slave catcher?

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has promised to veto the DREAM Act several times. DREAM activist have also pressed him multiple times on the subject, including interrupting a recent victory speech in Massachusetts with DREAM Act chants.

But now the pressure is coming from Romneys own Mexican relatives.

“Ellos (the Dreamers) no han hecho nada malo (they have done nothing wrong),” one of Romney’s relatives said in an interview aired Monday on Univision. “The U.S. certainly could use their talents.”

Check out the video: