Michelle Obama Bitch Slaps Lesbian Heckler at Fundraiser

Don’t you wish Barack Obama could be as free as Michelle Obama when talking to people in public? Yesterday, she took down a lesbian protester from the group GetEqual while speaking at a private democratic fundraiser that cost $500-$10,000 to attend.  You can read it here. The self identified lesbian protestor started yelling about the need for the President to sign an executive order so she can have her ”federal equality” before she dies.

Well, whoopee fuckin’ deal. Bitch I been wanting all my life to be equal in my country of birth, get in line. Yelling at the President or his wife would have gotten my black lesbian ass locked up in jail. You just got escorted out which was nothing more than another example of white privilege in America.

And yes, white gays and lesbians are gifted from birth with white privilege which drives this country and protects them from THEIR OTHERNESS until they publicly declare it. My blackness is on full display from jump (that’s from the beginning in black-talk), which is why I get arrested and you get sent home to mommy and daddy.

The biggest problem that I have had in this post-racial era of Barack Obama, our first black president, is the incredible level of disrespect hurled daily at the President and his family.

It’s not just the bigots, the avowed racists who hate everything black or brown. It’s the alleged supporters of the Obamas. So called Democrats and phony liberals who feel that they can talk to and treat the first family as any nigga down the block that they happened to run across in the street.

It’s not racism, it’s white privilege, the same demeanor that makes white people think they can feel my hair or imitate me to my face because they think it’s funny and doesn’t fit the normal in which they surround themselves.

michelle-obama-the-side-eyeThe Obamas are approachable like no other First family in the history of this nation. But that’s only because white people have this idea about how they think “we” are, apparently learned at the knee of their parents, or various blaxploitation movies and TV non-reality shows. Many white people figure all they have to do is learn how to neck roll and talk Ebonics and we will join them in a chorus or two of Kumbaya. Well, the Obamas ain’t your regular next door neighborhood niggas. This is America’s first family and like it or not, that exalted position demands respect from the rest of us.

It got worse during the confrontation when said heckler, offering up her own explanation of what happened, said FLOTUS “surprised her by “getting in her face.” Nigga behavior. Mess with a big black woman and she will git in yo face and stomp yo ass, if you not careful. Never mind that this woman, Michelle Obama is a wife, mother, teacher lawyer and representative of the people of the United States of America. She can write the book on how to influence and deal with people in public. Reducing her to nigga level is flat out white privileged driven bigotry.

A private fundraiser was not the time or place to bring up signing executive orders. Michelle Obama doesn’t do that. Her husband does and he wasn’t there.

The other thing is that Executive Orders can be allowed to expire, so what difference for Obama to put into place a law that will expire as soon as he leaves office. Given the way things move on Capital Hill, it would probably expire before taking effect.

So basically what was GetEqual doing there in the first place? It certainly wasn’t to accomplish anything concrete. Seems like it was merely another chance to take a privilege-laden pot shot at somebody named Obama.

Check out the video below: