Matt Drudge and the Republican Lie Machine

Millionaire scumbag Matt Drudge, who still uses photos of himself from 25 years ago, made yet another last ditch attempt to discourage people from getting Obamacare in the final days before the enrollment deadline of March 31. Drudge, who has been a lying shill for the Republican party for decades, claimed that he paid the fine for “opting out” of Obamacare when filing his tax returns for 2013. Never mind that there isn’t such a penalty. It doesn’t exist. Won’t exist until 2016 and even then there are exceptions.

No matter though, Drudge knows his readers are idiots and will believe anything he says. So he can lie. Lie and make millions while they die from not having health insurance. Drudge doesn’t care because he is a sick individual, you really can’t even call him a human being. He’s a money loving, greedy amoeba. He can afford a Cadillac health plan, his readers can’t. But that won’t prevent them from spreading his lies to anyone that will listen to them. “Hey, Matt Drudge knows what’s good for us!”

Matt Drudge
Matt Drudge

This is what Alan Grayson, a true Democrat, meant when he said that the Republicans health care plan is simply this…”Die quickly.” They have no ideas because they don’t want to have any ideas. They want insurance companies, who have given millions to their campaigns, to prosper and make as much money as possible. The hell with the people. As long as millionaires can buy their own health care and politicians get it through the government, the people can just die.

Yes in these final days, as enrollment surges towards the six million mark, the Republicans and their allies will continue to spread lies. Drudge has his marching orders as they all do. March in lock step and try to defeat Obamacare. This is why I continue to bang my head against a fucking wall when I hear fellow Democrats talking about “fixing Obamacare.” This is a losing strategy come November as it plays right into the hands of the Republicans. It allows them to control the talking points and the course of the argument. The health care system needed fixing and Obamacare is the fix. Period.

Republicans like Drudge have no problem telling lies but Democrats seem to have a problem stating the truth, which is on their side. Republicans use Obamacare to push their radical anti-women agenda. They call “Hobby Lobby” and their contraception battle, a fight for “religious freedom.” When of course it’s about pushing one religious view on all of us. They don’t want women to have access to contraception yet when they get pregnant they also don’t want them to be allowed to have an abortion. When they have the child and can’t afford it, Republicans want to call these women nasty names and take away any safety nets…including access to health coverage!

It is a sick cycle of lies, and deceit that is uniquely American. Of course so many Republican voters think these rich, greedy parasites are looking out for them. Parasites like Drudge. A professional con artist who can afford a mansion while his followers can’t afford a simple visit to the doctor or even food.

My hatred for him and his kind go beyond words and into a very dark place. A place that someone who is from a more civilized, caring nation would never understand. Like I said, uniquely American.