Marriage Equality Will Not Infringe on Your Right to Be a Bigot

I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think “God” really cares if gay people got married. Why? Because I don’t see him burning down cities like he did Sodom & Gomorrah back in the day. No seriously, where are the lightning bolts, meteor showers, and plagues? Heck, Vegas is still standing and they literally call that place “Sin City”. Shoot, and if “God” is everywhere, I’m pretty sure he sees all the shit going on including what jumped off in Studio 54 and the occasional Minneapolis bathroom stall. So yes, I’d say marriage equality is the natural progression in America.

Aside from that, I don’t remember being opposed to gay marriage listed as a requirement to get into heaven. Not that I’m a Biblical scholar or nuthin’, but I’m just sayin’. Oh, and neither is Bill O’Reilly, but even he sees the writing on the wall.

Seriously folks, there’s really no good argument against marriage equality same-sex marriage, or whatever “the gheys” call it short of one admitting his or her bigotry. And admitting to being a bigot isn’t a bad thing. In fact, the very Constitution which serves as the guiding principle when it comes to governance protects your right to be a bigot. Yeah, isn’t that beautiful?

Uh huh, even the Constitution allows you to believe that “God” wanted marriage to be between a man and a woman for the sole reason of procreation. Which of course is pretty silly to me because if that were true, I suppose it can also be said that “God” is opposed to heterosexual post-menopausal women being able to become newlyweds. Yes, shouldn’t we discriminate against older women tpo?

That said, isn’t it good to know that there’s an old piece of paper hanging around somewhere that says that it’s unconstitutional for any state to require a woman to pass a fertility test so as to obtain a marriage licence? Surely if “God” wanted, he’d have someone write that into the Constitution as well. Heck, since its birth, the U.S. Constitution has upheld the view that marraige is in fact a fundamental right at least fourteen times. Surely it would’ve said something about infertile women not being able to be married, no? Yep, see how that whole discrimination thing works?

Yeah, I suppose “God” is opposed to high mileage wombs much in the same way he is gay marriage. Which is really gay if you ask me. But hey, that’s just me being un-homophobic.

marriage-equality-blackListen, the fight for marriage equality has nothing to do with infringing upon your right to be a bigot. Instead, it is about allowing a minority of people in this country the access to the very benefits of marriage afforded to a vast majority of people in this country per the Constitution and the valuable guarantee of equal protection under the law. Hell, if a homosexual can openly serve in the military and die protecting your freedom to be a bigot; the least they should be able to do is marry whom they love and get tax credits just like everybody else. But I suppose doing so would be too much like being fair; and, too much like promoting the very freedom and democracy so many in history have died to protect and promote.

Again, marriage equality isn’t about you and your right to be a bigot; clearly, you’re free to believe what you believe, and what “God” to serve — g’head, do that; the Constitution affords you that right. But, it sure would be nice if you could show me where in the Constitution it says that the marriage contract as recognized by government is exclusively limited to heterosexual couples. If you can find it, please let me know, will you? Either way — whether you  support same-sex marriage or not — get ready, because from the looks of it, DOMA will be struck down by the Supreme Court according to initial reports after today’s hearing. And why? Just re-read everything in this post to find out. At the end of the day, I suspect that a number of you who are off the opinion that gay marriage is Obama’s way of assembling an army of multi-colored-camouflaged happy people to take away the guns and bibles. Why? Because many of you cling to them with antipathy towards others.