Late Night Hype: Progressive Democrats Prepare Jobs Plan, As “Certain People” Lose Their Minds Creating Jobs

Oh man I had a helluva good time talking to my best friend tonight. The conversation was about how “certain people” in America are losing their damn minds right about now. as the stock market did it’s best drunk man impersonation by falling down and getting up all week. He said he’s noticed “certain folks” being on edge just a bit more than normal. As he pointed out, what adds insult to injury is that the negro they love to hate who sleeps at 1600 Pennsylvania is going on vacation. But hey, if you think it’s bad now, wait till this super-committee sits down and of course cannot agree and the triggers kick in. Think they’re losing their minds now? Oh yeah, just wait for this to come up later this fall. Oh well, it’s good to finally see the conversation shift to job creation.