Keystone XL: Land of the Free, Home of the Naive

I find it amazing that people gather and wave flags as if they are really celebrating freedom. They have a band marching and everyone chanting USA as if we are the greatest country in the world. The US is an empire. This country has the nerve to dock just outside of other countries and get mad if their ships come toward US ships. This country has the nerve to put a base where they hold and torture prisoners, trying to get proof from them that they hate the USA and plotted to terrorize against this wonderful country where they celebrate freedom with apple pie. And this country tortures these people with no proof that they ever participated in a war crime against the US by force feeding them in the most horrific way, burning their holy book in front of them, and simulate drowning on them probably after hours of making them stay awake. They have the nerve to do this in a country that they have a sanctions against for being communists. They tell us that Cubans are horrible and torture people, that is why we can not travel there or are not supposed to have their cigars.

They fight for freedom only in countries that have a cache of oil. They send our young men over there to die or make it out dismembered or as killing machines with no off switch. The soldiers come back with PTSD at the least and then they are denied help. They are not fighting for freedom, they are fighting for oil. What will we do when we need to fight for water and it is too late.

I am not disrespecting the soldiers, I realize they sometimes feel that is the only way out of the place they are from and it is a better life to them. However, they are trained from high school with ROTC, areas of poverty are heavily recruited. Names are sold to the military from the high schools and all branches of the military show up at high schools on reservations and inner cities on career day, but do they that in private boarding schools? So of course our babies, our teen agers will feel the need to go beyond the reservation, beyond the ghetto. They can be on the front lines dodging IED’s but they will not be able to legally have a beer in three years. I respect you soldier, for fighting for what they made you believe was freedom. I do not respect the country that is built on lies.

However, the fight for oil goes beyond the tanks and explosives in a middle eastern country. The fight for oil is no longer on the other side of the world. The fight for oil have the politicians looking in our backyards. Not just in North Dakota where they may celebrate the lowest unemployment rate in the country but also the most oil spills and water that you can not drink. The greedy politicians have also invested heavily in Canadian Tarsands. Including Speaker of the House Boehner who is pushing heavily for the Keystone XL pipeline.

keystone-xlAccording to an article by Matt Remle, on Last Real Indians, the State Department contracted London based firm Energy Resources Management to write the environmental review on the potential impacts of the KXL pipeline. However, he states that “ERM is affiliated with Western Energy Alliance, the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, and the American Petroleum Institute. Additionally, two ERM staff members sit on the board of the Western States Petroleum Association. Each of these oil-industry trade groups have lobbied for the approval of the KXL pipeline.”

Of course ERM would report to the State Dept. that the pipeline poses little risk to the environment. They lobby for the pipeline.

The oil intended to cruise through the Keystone pipeline is not only the dirtiest most toxic oil in the world, it is also not intended for America. The fact that anyone thinks this is good for us is crazy. Oil spills happen, especially when carrying toxic tarsands oil which have proven to wear out the inside of pipelines faster.

The land of the free and the home of the brave will have their people believe anything. But look past the hype, look past the pipe dreams, look past the bullshit. This is a country that was built on genocide and slavery and does not include that in the history books until the slavery ended and they look like heroes. The genocide is coded under “how the west was won.”

This is a country that still practices genocide on the Indigenous people of this land but does it quietly and in stealth like ways today, ways you would not expect. Ways that would have you believing it is for the good of the country.

Such as laying a pipeline of dirty oil down to poison the water supply of the Indigenous people.

“Anpetu wanji mni ki iyotan otehinka kte lo.” Lakota prophecy meaning “Someday water will be more precious than anything.”