Kim Davis Isn’t Rosa Parks, You’re Stupid To Think So

First off, let me say that I’m highly disappointed and downright upset about Kim Davis being in jail. It’s not that I support her exercise of religious freedom by standing on her principles, conscience, or whatever’s floating around in her head that motivates her discrimination of the homo-gays. No, not at all.

In fact, I’m upset because her being in jail allowed her deputies to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Sounds crazy, I know; but let me explain.

You see, had she been a free woman free to exercise her brand of liberty, on the contrary, there’d be no marriage licenses issued. Which is a good thing because I would find the  most flaming gay black man to be my fiance. Then, me and my homo lover would’ve driven to the Rowan County, Kentucky courthouse to get married.

And, of course, once we’re denied a marriage license I would sue Kim Davis, Rowan County, and the state of Kentucky. Bad idea? Oh well, freedom ain’t free; besides, it’s the American way.

kim-davis-kentucky_660xYes, this may be opportunistic; but in my house, after dealing with three surgeries within the last year, let’s just say that a Brotha needs the money (donate here).

Call me whatever you like, but I call such a lawsuit freedom; and to the point, fighting discrimination while securing that whole “Separation of Church and State” thingy.

Not to mention, the concept of everyone being afforded “equal protection under the law” as it appears in the Fourteenth Amendment of the aforementioned legal framework of America. But don’t tell this to Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz who planned to visit Kim Davis while she was nailed to a cross in a jail cell. Yep, martyrdom just ain’t the same anymore.

People like Huckabee, Cruz, and the many supporters of hiding behind the Bible to discriminate pretty much like Kim Davis has, pretend to give a fuck about “religious freedom” but they don’t. They argue that they are being oppressed, but it’s not happening. And this is why it’s convenient for them to liken Kim Davis to Rosa Parks.

I probably shouldn’t have to explain to you why comparing Kim Davis to civil rights icon Rosa Parks is ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to tell you that Rosa Parks took a seat on a bus in Alabama to fight the discrimination of black people in public accommodation across the south. Kim Davis, in contrast, took a stand in defiance of a federal court to essentially be able to continue discriminating against same-sex couples. I don’t know about you, but they’re so not the same thing.

Kim Davis is no civil rights hero, folks. In fact, her actions are more in line with the segregationist gAlabama governor Bull Conner, than that of Rosa Parks. Like the driver of the bus, Kim Davis refused to drive his route because Rosa Parks refused to move to the back at the bus. I don’t know whether the bus driver’s refused to drive because of his religious belief. But, I do know that whatever his belief, his action was racist; and, there’s no bust for him on Capitol Hill.

Though Kim Davis has garnered significant support from Republican presidential hopefuls, it’s important to note that they are not all in her corner. As far as the temperature of national support, a recent Rassmussen poll shows that 26% of eligible voters are supportive of Kim Davis.

A federal judge has sent a Kentucky county clerk to jail for refusing to issue wedding licenses to gay couples despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in late June upholding the legality of same-sex marriage. The clerk insists that gay marriage violates her Christian beliefs.


But just 26% of Likely U.S. Voters think an elected official should be able to a ignore a federal court ruling that he or she disagrees with for religious reasons. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 66% think the official should carry out the law as the federal court has interpreted it. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

What’s scary about this, is that even a panel on Fox News believes that Kim Davis is dead wrong; and, that her attorney is “ridiculously stupid.” Watch the video below.

Kim Davis was released from jail this afternoon, with conditions. It has yet to be seen whether she will continue to stick to her guns and discriminate against same-sex couples. Should she choose to do just that, it’s understood that she’ll be thrown back in jail, as she should be.

Fuck you, and fuck yo’ conscience, Kim Davis!

As the Bible says, “Render unto Caesar what is his.”

Do your damn job, or resign.

Yes, I know it’s hard to walk away from a job that pays $80,000 a year in podunk Rowan County, Kentucky. However, should Kim Davis continue to defy the federal court order, Kim Davis will become a financial liability for taxpayers with a flood of lawsuits. And all for what? Essentially for the sole purpose of discrimination.

For the people supporting Kim Davis speaking out against her incarceration: Hey, the law is the law. Elected officials like Kim Davis are obligated to follow the law.

The last time I checked, in this country, we’re not bound by law to subscribe to a belief in any higher power. However, per our laws enshrined in the US Constitution, this Kim Davis doesn’t have a leg to stand on legally, even if she takes it to the Supreme Court

Now, if you or anyone has a problem with that, I suggest you leave America. You should do like white folks did when they left Europe and found your own theocracy. I hear there’s land in Guyana available. So, before you leave, be sure to pack your own Kool-Aid. Yes, and be sure to have fun with the Children Of The Corn out there.

Yeah, good luck with that!