John Boehner’s “Obama Diss”: Obstructionism, Racism, Or One In The Same?

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield has been dead for quite some time now. But who would have thought that his soul would live on through president Barack Obama? After all, the brother gets no respect; and, yesterday’s Obama diss by House Speaker, John Boehner was the ultimate public display of disrespect. I mean is Barack Obama the president of this country, or just another field hand?

In my eyes Boehner not only denied the president’s request to speak at a joint session of Congress on September, 7th. Along with giving president Obama the, “don’t call us, we’ll call you,” treatment. He pretty much told him that when he does come to the people’s House to deliver his jobs speech on September 8th, he must enter and leave through the back door. You know, like a good Negro is supposed to. And of course, our friends on the right are loving this:

What was the plan here? I think maybe O was trying to bait Boehner or some other prominent Republican into getting angry so that he could point to it and run through his tired “adult in the room” shtick. That’s what this speech is about, after all — lecturing Congress in front of a national audience about how everything’s their fault, not his, in hopes that voters remember that next November. It almost worked too, sort of. Ron Paul was “weighing his options” on whether to object to the speech request and DeMint vowed that he’d try to block it in the Senate. Boehner played it the right way, I think, offering a logistical excuse instead of a political one to deny O a chance to whine about Republican obstructionism. As for the liberals whining that he “caved,” what was he supposed to do once Boehner said no to Wednesday? Just show up that night and start talking? Granted, he could have given the address from the Oval Office instead, but (a) that would defeat the key purpose of lecturing Congress to their faces and (b) the fact that he was forced to give the speech from a location he didn’t prefer would have only underscored his weakness. He’s better off accepting the offer for Thursday. Especially since now it gives him the chance to react to any GOP talking points from the debate the night before.

Today, when I look and think about president Obama, images of those Black kids protesting at southern lunch counters surface. Back then, those kids wanted to have the right to be treated as human beings and served at lunch counters. Often they were met with ridicule, taunting, and physical violence. But even so, with little if any emotional reaction, or confrontation with opponents to their cause, their campaign turned out to be a successful one. This is why you won’t hear me suggest that president Obama “caved again,” to Boehner and the Republicans. Caved before? Yes, he has; but not on the scheduling of his speech next week; it’s really a good move strategically.

The day that the speech is delivered isn’t important; what will be revealed as a viable plan for job creation is. If anything, this unprecedented move by Boehner to deny such a request by the president of the United States – something that has never been done before in U.S. history – will show, is that their political pettiness trumps the idea of serving “we the people” of the United States. Boehner and the Republicans have laid their cards on the table, folks. Yep, and to quote the now famous meltdown by then NFL head coach Dennis Green, the Republicans “are who we thought they were.” A bunch of assholes much like the racist degenerates at those Woolworth lunch counter sit-ins of yesteryear. One thing’s for sure: Being the first Black anything in America ain’t easy.

Just ask the first Black people at those lunch counters.