IRS Scandal: Tea Party Groups Had Ties to GOP Politics

If a well-known Klan leader wanted to adopt a black baby, I wouldn’t have a problem with the government giving him extra scrutiny. Yep, and that’s how I view this IRS scandal. Sure, it may have been a threat to democracy; but, a black baby was saved in the process. I’m sorry, but that’s exactly how I see this media-driven IRS scandal that currently has Republicans chomping at the bit and tossing around talks of impeachment. All of this while it has been revealed that some of the Tea Party groups involved in the IRS scandal had direct ties to Republican politics.

If you listen to the noise, what you’ll hear is that the IRS egregiously “targeted” Tea Party groups attempting to gain tax exemptions by registering as 501c(4) nonprofit organizations. What you’re not hearing — aside from an opportunity to bash President Obama — is the real reason why they’re exploiting what I refuse to see as a scandal. But today, Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas), a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee spoke to the real issues (video below). That would be, the lack of evidence to support the idea of a grand conspiracy with ties to the White House. The truth not being heard and promoted by the mainstream media, is that given the current statute, there’s nothing wrong with scrutiny of groups who allegedly act in the interest of “Social Welfare”. Last night on The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell broke this all down.

This from MSNBC:

Tea Party groups have quickly lined up this week to tell reporters about receiving intrusive questions from the Internal Revenue Service after applying for tax-exempt status. But some of those same groups have close ties to Republican politics. That reality underlines what a growing number of good government advocates and others are saying: The problem isn’t too much scrutiny from the IRS, it’s too little.

Karen Kenney, the coordinator for the San Fernando Valley Patriots, told The Washington Post this week that after applying for nonprofit status, her group received “pretty much a proctology exam through your earlobe.”

But that (very) up-close look may have made sense: Kenney is active in Republican politics in southern California. She ran in 2010 for an internal GOP position, and has spoken at least twicesince 2011 at the San Fernando Valley Republican club, in her capacity as a local Tea Party leader.

Kenney didn’t respond to a request for comment, but it’s not just her. The president of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party, Chris Rossiter, told Politico that after applying, his group received an inquiry from the IRS with 35 questions, and he described a phone conversation he said the group’s founder had with an IRS agent.

That founder was Kelly Townsend, who last year was elected as a Republican to the Arizona statehouse. A post on the Tea Party group’s website congratulated Townsend on her win.

obama-irs-scandal-tea-partyIn spite of what Republicans and other members of the “Obama Hate Machine” may say, there’s no evidence pf criminal wrong-doing on the part of the IRS that can be linked to Obama. But hey, don’t tell that to the noisemakers with nothing substantive to offer by way of policy to fix this slow-crawling economy. Leave it to them, everything is Obama’s fault; and this IRS scandal is yet another example of his heavy hand of government that’s akin to tyranny. The real truth is that while this is promoted, Republicans are continuing to do everything to screw “we the people”.

What the media and others are calling a scandal, I call bullshit. Hell, last time I checked, “Scandal” is the name of a very popular show on television. This Benghazi, IRS scandal, and the AP phone record thing? As much as the media — and right-wing knuckle-draggers — say they are, and would like them to be, those aren’t scandals. Yep, call me when Barack’s semen is found on a dress that doesn’t belong to Michelle. Until then, have a hot cup of STFU and miss me with this nonsense. What we really need to be talking about is more economic stimulus and job creation. But I’m sure doing so is antithetical to the interest of Republicans and Tea Party groups who are only interested in “social welfare” and not politics.

Listen to Rep. Doggett below: