Guns, Obamacare, & Why the GOP Wants Us All Dead

Okay, so since nobody wants to talk about mental health in the wake of this week’s Navy Yard blood bath mass shooting at the hands of an obviously mentally disturbed Aaron Alexis, I figured we can move on to something else. Yes, I’ll play your game and get back to talking about gun control even though the media falsely reported that Alexis’ weapon of choice was an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle.

Yeah, it turns out that Alexis did attempt to buy an AR-15 to pull off his dastardly deed but thanks to Virginia law he couldn’t because he had an out-of-state identification. Yeah, how about laws actually working this time? Hell, if he didn’t, just think: Alexis may have been able to kill more than 12 people (you know, sort of like Adam Lanza did?) and maybe then we’d already have a freshly signed gun control legislation sitting on the desk of a happy Barack Obama.

With the deadline for a government shutdown growing near, House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) had a familiar choice to make: embrace something that looked like a compromise with Democrats, antagonizing conservatives in his party, or give in to their demands and guarantee a showdown with President Obama and Senate Democrats.

On Wednesday, Boehner announced that he had chosen to stick with his own.

Rather than rallying Republicans to a less-confrontational plan to keep the government running past Sept. 30, Boehner threw in with the boisterous, rebellious wing of the House GOP: He set, for Friday, a vote that would simultaneously provide funding to keep the government open, while stripping away money to implement portions of Obama’s health-care law. This approach has proved divisive, prompting finger-pointing Wednesday among House and Senate conservatives. (source)

Fantasies aside, however, how about we talk about guns and health care (as in Obamacare) and why there’s currently a plot by GOP politicians to just kill us all so they can enjoy America as their patron saint Ronald Reagan would have wanted them to. I mean, it’s no accident that the GOP is willing  to shut down the government so as to defund the soon-to-be fully implemented Obamacare. You know, all in the same year that they blocked any attempts to pass meaningful common sense gun control legislation after the death of precious little white kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

So yeah, maybe their firm stand on the second amendment has more to do with them making money off of the carnage each year so that they can the country to themselves. I know it’s a stretch; and no, I’m not really into the conspiracy thing.But after reading the following it all makes sense. Un-huh, the GOP’s plan involves us all killing each other with guns while they can profit from it.

Seriously, it’s like gentrification:

House Speaker, John Boehner
House Speaker, John Boehner

Taxpayers have largely picked up the hospital tabs for victims of gun violence in the United States – around 80 percent of their emergency department and inpatient care – and funded more than half a billion dollars in medical care for firearm assault victims in 2010, according to a new study.

The victims, mostly young males and residents of low-income areas, are disproportionately more likely to be publicly insured or not have any insurance at all, according to the study by the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan think tank, while they are hospitalized more than twice the national average.

The cost of a stay for a firearm assault injury was nearly $14,000 more than the average inpatient stay, so the medical bills of gun violence victims amount to about $630 million a year, according to Embry Howell, author of the study and a senior fellow with the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center. (source)

Of course as a severely progressive liberal blogger I’m not supposed to ask: If we kill ourselves, where will all the tax revenue come from? C;early with Americans spending over half a billion dollars each year to treat gunshot wounds the plan is to get an assault rifle in every home, yes?