Graham Spanier: From Penn State Sex Scandal Cover Up To National Security Job?

I must admit, Graham Spanier’s latest job in crisis management for the US government is extremely appropriate. I cannot see a better candidate who can cover up a fuck up (literally) for more than 10 years like the ousted president of Penn State.

Spanier said in a recent email:

“For the next several months, as I transition to my post-presidential plans, I will be working on a special project for the U.S. government relating (to) national security. This builds on my prior positions working with federal agencies to foster improved cooperation between our nation’s national security agencies and other entities.”

I know people who were fired for being short on a cash register by $25, and couldn’t find a job dealing with money, but this guy conspires to hide sexual abuse, and leaves a hero who already has a gig.

Can I say white privelege?

I am scratching my head at how many people I have read about getting life for drug conspiracy and this guy knowingly held information that caused the harm to a number of boys, some we will never know, and he gets carte blanche and high level clearance.

But that shows you the power of institutions, and the length that people will go, even in their ignorance, to protect something that kills them too. We will defend universities and governments the convenient argument that these are individuals, and not representative of the institution.

Welp, journalist Chris Hedges says, “Inherently, all institutions are demonic.”