George Dubya Romney: The Need to Lick Bush in 2012

You know it’s bad enough that Barack Obama, in his efforts to represent the people of America, had to literally turn himself into a mini-me Dubya. Now the GOP is attempting to gag us with Willard Mittens Romney, otherwise known as Dubya on steroids.

Think I’m crazy, then take a look at Willard’s advisers. Nearly 70% of his advisers are the ones Bush followed to send this country into a depression. And make no mistake about it….this is not a recession….this thing that we’re living through now….is a full fledged depression…and Willard and his new found army of right wing conservatives wants to keep us there.

Why? Because he and his friends make money when we can’t. Willard is about the power. He already has the money. He has this driving, controlling need to run things. He wants to be king of the world, which is what the President of the US is, in fact. It is world domination Mormon style as preached by his church. And he wants to preach the prosperity gospels to his friends at our expense. The best way to do that is to bring back the policies of the Bush administration, complete with deeper tax cuts and more war thrown in for good measure.

Romney is using Glenn Hubbard as one of his economic advisers Hubbard is senior member of the team who gave us the Bush tax cuts at the same time Bush sent troops into two illegal wars searching for invisible weapons of mass destruction. This little move, by itself was crazy. But tax cuts in war time was suicidal, and we are paying for that right now.

Another Hubbard move that Romney wants to bring back is deregulation of the financial industry. Deregulation of the banks nearly destroyed the world in 2008. The rumblings are still reverberating around the globe. Merrill Lynch and Lehmann Brothers imploded, remember. Romney wants to trash the new regulations created by Obama to stabilize the financial industry.

Other Romney/Bush advisers are Dick Cheney trained NeoCons such as John Bolton, who thinks we should bomb Iran to help Israel shape the Middle East in its own image. Romney is not even in office yet and just like Sarah Palin, he is making a trek to Israel this month in an effort to boost his foreign policy cred. This is a tremendous slap in the face of the Black man in the White House. It is totally disrespectful of any sitting President.

U.S. President George W. Bush and Republican gubernatorial candidate for Massachusetts Mitt Romney pass one another on stage during a fund raising event for Romney in Boston October 4, 2002.

Bolton is already on record as having told the Israelis that America plans to use Syria, Iran and North Korea for target practice during the next administration-A Romney Administration. Romney says Bolton brings “clarity” to his team. Romney also employs the guys who convinced Dubya that bombing Iraq was a good idea and not a mistake.

As a woman, the scariest Bush holdover employed by Mitt Romney is Robert Bork, the failed Supreme Court nominee. He was rejected for a justice seat by the Senate back in 1987, because he is batshit crazy. Bork criticized the Civil Rights Act of 1964, calling it an “abomination.” He said that a ruling giving married couples the right to use contraception was “utterly specious.”

Bork says the First Amendment should be shrunken until it is small enough to be “drowned in the bathtub.” He also believes that government can and should criminalize sex, especially same sex copulations.

As if he can’t get any uglier, Bork says the Constitution does not protect women from gender discrimination, meaning bare foot and pregnant and under a man popping out his spawn is our only option for existence in this world.

If Romney should by some chance make it to the White House, then you can bet that Robert Bork will be nominated, once again to the Supreme Court. Consider this; 4 justices are over the age of 70 now and another is a cancer survivor, meaning the next President could possibly appoint 4 new justices.

It is not enough to look at the candidate. You must look at who he surrounds himself with. Romney wants power at any cost. He’s proven that by running for president these past 12 years over and over again.

The fact that he may be a moderate conservative masquerading as a right wing nutcase is beside the point. We can’t take the chance of putting him in touch with the power, because what comes with him, should he be successful is Mormon world domination doctrine, NeoCon American Exceptionalism and policies that have already done much to destroy the Middle Class of America.

Vote Responsibly in the coming November elections. This election is more important than 2008.