Gaza is Indeed a Holocaust

 [TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic images]




Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale

Palestinians run following what police said was an Israeli air strike on a house in GazaDon’t use the name Hitler! That’s what some write to me. Don’t use the word Holocaust! Don’t use the word Genocide! You should understand history! They argue.

My words, my columns seem to hurt some people more than what is happening in Gaza. That is staggering. It really shows what evil is. What ignorance is. I ask them what words? What adjectives? What analogy they would like me to use to describe child murders? What words would be more soothing to them?
[Video of Chris Hedges talking about the situation in Gaza and beyond]


The numbers don’t lie: over 1,800 Palestinians dead as of this writing. This is the equivalent, population wise, to over 250,000 American deaths. 84 percent are civilians. Hundreds are children. 62 Israelis dead. Over 90 percent soldiers. This isn’t a fair fight. Millions more in funding just went to Israel from the USA. There is a game that Bibi apologists like to play. They will bring up something that happened 40 years ago or something that is happening in another part of the word, or use terms like “Anti-Semitic” or “Anti-Israel” in order to try and negate or excuse what is happening right now. To place the blame on words rather than deeds.


So OK enough words. We have seen such horrific images of the Holocaust. Truly disgusting deeds done by Hitler and the Nazi’s. These images are out there under the heading of “never forget.”


Here are some of those images so that we indeed never forget. Alongside them are images of what is happening right now in Gaza. Compare the images. Compare the deeds. Tell me how one is justified while the other is an abomination.

OK enough words…



Never forget? Seems as though many people have already forgotten.