Eric Bolling Compares President Obama to Drug Dealer Who Opens “Barry’s Pot & Coke Emporium”

OK, so why don’t they just go ahead and say it? Yeah, forget about FCC fines and a loss of advertisers like Glen Beck did. Just go ahead and call president Obama a “nigger,” and get it over with. Surely those assholes on that network are dying to say it; yep, you can’t convince me oth4rwise at this point. I’ve always said that this year’s general election cycle was going to be worse than 2008’s. So, why don’t they just g’head and let it all out. Shit, stop being pretentious dammit.

Yesterday, the usual suspects sat around trashing president Obama like always. This time, they were attemting to paint the picture of Obama as being a hypocrite for going against his 2008 stance to not accept Super PAC funding. If you haven’t been paying attention, yesterday president Obama encouraged would be donors to send funds to a newly launched Super PAC to assist him in his re-election bid. Now, does going against an earlier position make him a hypocrite? In this instance, I don’t think so. Hell, the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision wasn’t made back in 2008 before the general election. Instead, it is now the permissible rule of the political land; and, undisclosed gobs of money has been pouring in, in support of Republican candidates. Why can’t Democrats get some?

This is What POTUS Looks Like to Fox Viewers

Look, the fact that Republican Super PACS have been kicking the asses of Democrats as far as fundraising, is reason enough and hardly hypocritical for president Obama’s campaign to be supported by one. Call it the sign of the times, but big money has been given a green light to buy more power and influence from here on out, without any full disclosure or transparency. One can only expect POTUS or anyone in this political game to understand shifting with the times. Whether it’s politics, the entertainment industry, or life in general, you must get with the times; getting with the times doesn’t make president Obama hypocritical. In fact, it shows that he is intelligent enough for the game of politics. Not only that, it shows that he’s committed to winning. Call him a sellout, but this is a competition, folks; and until you get money out, this is to be expected. I mean really, is he supposed to bring a knife to a gunfight?

But don’t tell that to my chowder-head of the day, Eric Bolling. According to him, an Obama Super PAC or an attempt to compete, is too much like him becoming a drug dealer while masquerading as a counselor of drug addicts. Sure he could have chosen a better analogy, but I guess this is as close as he could get to calling the president an “N-word” without fear of repercussion from groups like Color Of Change, and other Negro enabling activist groups. You know nothing says “we hate white people,” more than a Color Of Change petition against anyone from Fox.

The racial undertone disguised as an analogy can be easily ignored and dismissed as, “just being an analogy.” But then again, I don’t watch Fox, and there’s no correlation between my I.Q. and racism, like the faithful viewers of that network and the people who entertain them – people like Eric Bolling. If you think I’m wrong, maybe you should check out Bolling’s earlier racist comments about president Obama “chugging 40s” at the White House after an F5 tornado wiped out a small town in Missouri. Idiots like him shouldn’t be on television, but obviously there’s a market for stupidity.

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