Democratic Fundraising Committee Beats GOP in September Fundraising

I’m not sure if this is a sign of things to come for next year’s midterm elections. But, according to reports, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised more funds than the National Republican Congressional Committee. Democrats, as you know, are hoping to win back control of the House as they ride the wave of public discontent with the Republican party given the recent government shutdown debacle. Polls indicate that Republican party approval are at historic lows. Some argue that by this time next year none of this would mean much. And, that the Republican party — thanks to gerrymandering — for the most part are in safe districts; and Democrats can only hope to gain a handful of seats.

This from HuffPo:

September fundraising filings by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committeeand the National Republican Congressional Committee marked several milestones for the DCCC, and bleak news for its conservative counterpart.

In the weeks leading to the Oct. 1 government shutdown, the DCCC had its best September in history, excluding election years. The committee brought in $8.4 million — $3.1 million more than the NRCC, and more than either the Republican National Committee or the Democratic National Committee.

democratic-obamacareThe DCCC’s haul also surpassed monthly fundraising totals of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee combined.

DCCC year-to-date fundraising hit $58.2 million.

While the September data comes from fundraising prior to the government shutdown, it was influenced by Washington’s fiscal unrest. Two-thirds of the $3 million raised from online contributions came in the six days following Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) 21-hour long anti-Obamacare speech and threats from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) of a government shutdown.

To be sure, November, 2014 is a very long way off. With our collectively short attention spans — and, not to mention how governing by crisis has become the norm — perhaps, the recent government shutdown will become a thing of distant memory. But then again, with asshats like Rep. Ted Cruz still flapping his gums about how much Obamacare is destroying America, maybe this recent debacle will still be fresh on the minds of many. If so, I suppose we can expect to see an ongoing trend in Democrats outraising their Republican counterparts for upcoming House races.

To date, 476,000 people have started the application process at in spite of all the glitches. Here’s to hoping that a majority of them actually qualify for subsidies so that they can remember exactly which party attempted to stand in the way of them getting them.

Keep up the great work, Tea Party goons. As long as people get wind of more stories like the following which involves a gentleman in California who is now able to get health care coverage for $1 per month thanks to Obamacare. There might be a chance that Democrats can pull off an upset.