Debt-Ceiling Dilemma – Choosing to Opt Out

I have really made a concerted effort not to get too engrossed in the so-called “debt-ceiling” debacle which is unfolding right now in the halls of the Capitol. Listening to the “pundits” and so-called journalists hype up something that will have dire consequences for so many Americans is, I find extremely distasteful and only adds to the drama that is being nurtured by those who have agendas that are not in any way in line with the best interests of the majority of the residents of this country.

I don’t need to continually hear about the impending “cuts” to Medicaid Medicare, and Social Security. I am living with my 80 year old mother and 99 year old grandmother while attending college.  It is quite enough to see the fear and concern in their eyes when some news correspondent gleefully, goes on air to talk about the impending default and what THEY think it means. I am uniquely positioned in such a way that either way this goes, it will have detrimental effects on this family and this household.  I don’t need to listen to the ignorant comments coming from elected officials who apparently represent a segment of this country who are not only woefully ignorant, but are so hell bent on self destruction that they have no qualms about taking the rest of us along with them on the path to oblivion

This battle was never about a balanced budget or about reining in spending that has gone rampant. It is and has been standard practice going all the way back to Ronald Regan, to raise the debt-ceiling numerous times during the course of a presidential term. There is indeed a difference between Macro-Economics and Micro-Economics.  The principles of each are quite different and you cannot apply the one to the other. So the impression that this is some rare, new thing is as are the arguments being put forward by those who insist the ceiling not be raised patently false.

This battle started the day President Obama took office and the collective response was to continually work against any policies or any legislation he tried to enact.  The politics of Washington provided a welcome breeding ground for those who for years have had a vested interest in not only a status quo being maintained, but who have bought into the myths of the Welfare Queens, the people who are supposedly gaming the system so much that they are better off than “average hard working Americans”.

The poison inflicting this country started long ago. When one group of people felt that they should by right of their birth, are inherently better, than all others.  Where the arrogance of their existence dictated that they should decide how government is run and who should be the beneficiary of anything if at all.  This is the same poison that is now permeating through the halls of Congress and throughout many of the so-called red states and is pervasive throughout the “Tea Party”.

There is nothing patriotic about telling senior citizens that they need to pull themselves up by their boot straps and find ways to make do with less. There is nothing patriotic about telling the parents of children who are suffering with debilitating, chronic illness that they are “on their own” dealing with their child’s medical needs and that they somehow should have “foreseen” that prior to becoming parents.  It is not a mark of any “Patriot” to seek to deny birth control and reproductive health services to women who would be unable to do so otherwise.  It is not, I believe only un-patriotic to tell those who have served this country in times of war that the benefits they receive, that they have put their lives on the line for may be taken away or reduced or that they too should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make do with less. They have already sacrificed more than the totality of the Tea Party and their minions.

This is not political – destroying this country’s economy has no political gain on either side for either party. Creating this crisis does not serve any useful purpose that can be discerned by any sane individual. The mantra of “not making my children have to pay for the excessive debts and spending we are doing now” is disingenuous at best, and dangerously close to psychotic given the ramifications that most of the people in this country will face as a result of this whole ridiculous episode.

There are agendas here that have been brought forward before through various other means.  The tone of this country has been, for all that we elected a person of color to the highest office in this land, anything BUT post-racial. It is as most festering wounds and sores, unattended and untreated for so long, the pus and infection are spilling out and causing rot and decay with everything they come into contact with.

The blatant disrespect that is continually shown to the current President is, in recent history, unprecedented. It is not given that anyone should be in constant agreement with all the policies and ideas put forward by any one individual.  There is a concept by which one can respectfully disagree but seek to find some common ground upon which to work. This has not appeared during the current administration and has in fact turned into a sport or style of denigrating the president and every move he makes.  Disrespecting not only him but his wife and his family has become a sport in which some engage with the same enthusiasm seen at a football game on any given Sunday.

The apparent willingness to disregard, disrespect, and show no caring or concern for others is stunning. The willingness and eagerness shown to engage in acts that would prove punitive to those who already struggle is abhorrent and smacks of “manifest destiny “sentiment.

But this is of course the United States of America, Land of the Free and Home of the brave. Soon to be land of the very wealthy and their misguided servants.