Confederate flag lowered at the S.C. State House for last time


Lowering The Confederate Flag Forever

Removing the confederate flag is just the beginning. Let the work now begin to ensure that ALL residents of South Carolina have equal economic opportunities and access to quality education and healthcare. That is where the real battle is and it begins today. If you are complaining about the flag stop and ask yourself what exactly are YOU doing  to effect change. Hashtags don’t count for shyt neither do those that throw them up as some sign of activism. Those with nothing but scorn for the residents of South Carolina and the response surrounding  the removal of the flag do not understand the culture of  South Carolina and their arrogance gives way to disrespect that is not needed nor wanted. Serves no purpose and  the scorn serves only as a window to another level of ignorance.
Some of these overnight hashtag activists need to understand what it was like living with  that damn flag the equivalent of a confederate bat signal that served as a beacon of hate,  with the very real fear of what has been done under the name of that flag. Like the fools who claim what they would have done if they had been alive during slavery. What your arrogant asses would have done is been killed.
Instead of maligning the actions regarding the removal of the flag and casting aspersions about the events  surrounding it DO Something, donate, go volunteer, organize a group
Put in the actual work or shut the hell up….

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Confederate battle flag is gone from the South Carolina State House. The white-bordered, square banner bearing the St. Andrews cross was lowered for the last time Friday in front of the Confederate Soldier Monument by an honor guard of seven South Carolina Highway Patrol officers. The four-foot flag was folded and rolled.…