Colorado Mourns Terror Attacks by Purchasing More Guns

Before the flames on candle wicks could burn bright enough at vigils mourning the dead and injured in the Aurora terror attack, Colorado residents were emptying the shelves of gun stores. NPR reports that gun sales are up and gun stock holders are seeing a boost in shares.

The report explains:

. . . that shares of stock in gun manufacturers have “outperformed the broader
market during the past two trading days.” Investors are betting those
companies (Smith & Wesson; Sturm, Ruger & Co.) will see a boost
in sales as some buyers get weapons for protection and others get them
out of fear that gun laws will be tightened in reaction to the Aurora
But Colorado isn’t the only state. Sales are booming in Oklahoma and Washington state too.

Of course there a number of reasons as to why people would stock up on guns. Some cite the forthcoming stricter background checks to the uncertainty of firearm laws after the presidential election; yet there is something nauseously disturbing that death in America is not just profitable, but damn good business.

Unfortunately, the purview of staying strapped in response of tragedy falls in line with the millions of sleepwalkers who think that supersizing personal armories is the answer to the increase in unemployment, loss of quality healthcare, diminishing manufacturing jobs, political corruption (okay I can see this one) and the dismantling of US infrastructure.

One day, we will collectively realize that Hollywood’s war machine has pumped out too many John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Terminator, shoot’em up flicks.

Guns are far from problem solving. And they are not anything close to an equalizer. But I often think about who the in hell do these people think they are going to shoot, other than themselves. Take a note from the black gang warfare in the inner cities. Most of the time, the bullets hit the wrong people, and the shootings only make it hotter.