CNN Republican Debate: The Gingrich-Romney GOP Comedy Hour

Okay, three guys are interviewing to cause the black unemployment rate to rise by one more this coming January are presented with a question…

“Nine states have voted so far. We talked a bit earlier about the volatility in the race. The people of Arizona vote Tuesday. Michigan, on Tuesday.  Wyoming and Washington State, then Super Tuesday, beyond that. Fourteen states over the next 10 days or so. Republican voters are clearly having a hard time. I want to close with this question: Help the voters who still have questions about you. What is the biggest misconception about you in the public debate right now?”

Two of said individuals speak their pieces, admittedly Ron Paul was most on target, while Newt Gingrich continued to gently caress Ronald Wilson Reagan’s corpse with the same claims that may or may not be from the same “tell em what they want to hear and deal with the fact that it may not be true if anyone can be bothered to question it instead of simply taking it and applauding.

Then Romney dropped this bomb…

“We’ve got to restore America’s promise in this country where people know that with hard work and education, that they’re going to be secure and prosperous and that their kids will have a brighter future than they’ve had. For that to happen, we’re going to have to have dramatic fundamental change in Washington, D.C., we’re going to have to create more jobs, have less debt, and shrink the size of the government.
I’m the only person in this race –“

To which the moderator, John King asked…

“Is there a misconception about you? The question is a misconception.”

For Romney to retort with…

“You know, you get to ask the questions want, I get to give the answers I want. Fair enough?”

Now, instead of debunking or facing the questions of his religion, the fact that he is another of the rich spoiled kid bad-asses, that he is as arrogant as his dismissive laugh he utters when being put in the corner, he continued.

“And I believe that there’s a whole question about, what do we need as the person that should be president? What is their position on this issue?Who can be the toughest going after Obama? What we really need, in my opinion, is to say who can lead the country through the kind of fundamental change we have in front of us? And we have people here who all different backgrounds. I spent 25 years in the private sector. I worked in business. I worked in helping turn around the Olympics. I worked in helping lead a state. I believe that kind of background and skill is what is essential to restore the American promise. If people think there’s something else in my background that that is more important, they don’t want to vote for me, that’s their right, but I believe I have the passion, the commitment and the skill to turn America around, and I believe that’s what’s needed.”

What I do not see here is any attempt at any “gotcha” question, he was specifically given the forum – without a rebuttal from his rivals – to clear the air of anything he felt was misstated about him, whether real or simply as perceived by him. Nor do I see any attempt to be professional about actually answering it. Instead of answering and talking about himself, he went on and on about things that we ALREADY KNEW about him. There’s no misconception of undisputed fact.

No, but seriously, where's Newt?

Thanks for the history lesson, Governor Romney, but um… what you JUST did was prove my notion that the 20 televised Republican Debates should be able to count as a “Reality Television Series” or a Sitcom and, in such, become eligible for a primetime Emmy.

It was actually worth my while to change the channel from Basketball for a few minutes to catch the laughable moments. Never mind the fact that the two most credible threats to win the election in Romney and Gingrich have thrown enough dirt at each other that the Obama campaign shouldn’t have much of a problem with them in an election. The back-and-forth in these debates and the primaries in general is almost cartoonish in presentation. Must-see TV indeed.