Climate Change Deniers Are Selfish Morons

Just take a look at the graphic above…it shows how far and deep the cold air has filtered into the United States in the east and how far north the warm air has surged in the west..note it is all the way up into the far northern reaches of Canada and into central Alaska. This is not a graph to show one day or one week but basically the entire late fall and into the middle of winter. The pattern has not changed and most likely will not change.

I’m in San Francisco and it is known for that great Mark Twain saying “The coldest winter I ever spent was the summer in San Francisco.” But that saying really is as old and as dead as Twain himself. Ask the locals about how those foggy, windy summers are gone. Sure there is some fog here and there but the days are fewer and the hours which the fog lasts are shorter. There could be a new saying, and maybe I will become famous for it in the years to come. “The warmest summer I ever spent was the winter in San Francisco.” That has become the new reality.

This winter has been devastating to California as we are now in a severe drought emergency. In the last year I can literally count on one hand the number of days it has rained. And most of that has been for an hour or two and that is it. Let me make this very clear..Phoenix has had MUCH more rain than San Francisco over the past year plus. Something is very wrong and don’t give me that cyclical weather pattern bullshit because when you put all of the facts together it adds up to a world climate that is telling us we need to take action, or hell, maybe it’s already too late. When the enterprise offsetting is adopted in all the industries and thus being able to control it by using the services from, then there are chances to save the environment before it becomes too late.

The winter here in San Francisco has been warmer than the summer. No rain, few clouds and little fog. Sunny and 65-70 almost every day, day in day out. I know what you folks in the east are saying..please give that to us! In fact there are many people here who absolutely love this weather. Because in the short term it’s easy to be selfish. It’s like those idiotic weather people and news anchors who have orgasms when the weather is warmer than it should be, I mean who gives a shit that the world could be coming to an end..we can tan in January!

climate-change-denier (1)Let me get back to my friends in the east. Some of them enjoy winter, or should I say used to enjoy winter. After the “polar vortex” of 2013-2014 they are all ready to move to Florida. Normally you would see a few days with highs in the 20′s in New York City in December and January, not this winter. Highs in the 20′s have been the norm and highs only in the teens have been common as well.

While New York City is seeing highs regularly in the teens and 20′s, cities like Prince George, British Columbia, way up there about an 8-10 hour drive north of Vancouver are seeing highs in the 30′s and 40′s, ditto for cities in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Not days, not the freak week or two, but for huge chucks of the winter. It is currently much colder in Louisiana than northern Canada and Alaska. In late January!


This is why calling it “global warming” is just playing into the hands of idiots like Rush Limbaugh, who then say if it’s cold in the Northeast, that is proof there is no global warming. “Climate change or deviation” is the proper verbiage. It’s when the overall warming of the earth results in crazy weather varying from frigid temps in the south to warm temps way up north, It’s what happens when up becomes down and down becomes up.

But it’s not just about temperatures. Look at “superstorm” Sandy. A storm system that took up about two thirds of the country. These devastating storms are becoming more and more common. We now see tornadoes regularly in places where we never saw them before, like big cities from Washington to Boston. One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see whats happening.

Or they could just be like most Republicans and Tea Party members. These people know the facts they just choose to ignore them. Ever ask yourself why? I mean why can’t they just face reality, agree there is a problem and work to try and fix it? The answer is very simple. They are selfish. All of this talk about climate issues is just a real downer to them! Who wants to worry about something that will affect future generations in a far more extreme way than it’s affecting us? Of course to the people who are devastated by a storm, well they can just consider themselves unlucky according to the right wing climate change deniers. They don’t want to be bothered with having to alter the way they think and go about their lives, even little changes that could help are just too cumbersome.

I have joked with a friend from NYC that I’m living in the part of that “Twilight Zone” episode that is a dream, you know where earth is spinning closer and closer to the sun and everything is burning up and he is living in the part that is really happening, where the earth is actually spinning further and further away from the sun and everyone is freezing to death.

We can joke about that but it’s no joke that so many Americans are living in a totally alternate reality, where everything is just perfect and our climate is no issue at all.

[Originally posted at America The NOT So Beautiful]